Watch: Levin speaks out about leftists who hate America

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Mark Levin appeared on Hannity the night before and slandered the American-hating leftists who are now pushing America to the brink with their radical policies.

Levin begins with a nod to Rush Limbaugh, the hero of modern conservatism and conservative radio who passed away a year ago. Speaking of Rush, Levin describes him as “Irreplaceable in so many respects… Our George Washington is quite outspoken.

He then used the reference to Limbaugh as George Washington as a way to escape his barrage of attacks on the left that had done so much to erase American history and tear down any great monuments. which era in the past did not keep up with the times. of death. Speaking of which, he said:

Sean, you’ve asked your guests so many questions about what’s happening in this country, I’ll tell you what’s happening in this country. The largest political party in this country hates America. They hate our security. They hate our Constitution. They hate our founders. They hate our Framers.

They hate our monuments. They hate our history. They hate our family structure.

And who does he use as an example of one of the leftists who hates America? Kamala Harris, to whom he had particularly harsh words:

And they hate America so much that we have a vice president who is probably among the dumbest vice presidents in American history and there have been a lot of stupid people making comments about the country that are both vile. This is just disgusting.

And I will say this to Kamala Harris: you need to go through these military cemeteries and look and look back at all those crosses and the Stars of David and think of all the men and all the women who died for this country that you are trash, that you are who you are and what you can do because god knows you didn’t invest in this country what those people did and what That family did.

Then, leaving Kamala in particular and returning to the Democratic party in general, Levin hit them with all the radical, anti-American policies they had pushed for as of year-end, saying:

Democrats hate our military, hate our police. The Democrats are selling us out to communist Chinese, fascist Russians, fascist Iranians, and the hybrid there is North Korea.

The Democrats are a bad force in this country. They never promoted freedom. They never promote individualism.

There was an article in the New York Times the other day that slandered individualism. That’s what the whole country is about.

After not knowing the slightest bit about what was happening in Canada, Levin returned to the subject at hand: leftists. However, instead of continuing to give examples of how much they hate America, he turns to attack them, attacking them for their ability to present themselves as defenders of democracy, no matter what. no matter how deceitful, while slandering patriots who are truly enemies of the nation:

[H]ave you noticed that the Democratic Party establishment and the leftist establishment were never enemies. Trial attorneys are never the enemy. The teacher union is never the enemy. The front groups want open borders, they are never the enemy. Those who remain difficult in this country, they are never the enemy.

No, no, no, today, it’s the truckers. Yesterday, it was parents. Back in the day, it was the nurses. In other words, middle-class America who makes this country work. ”

And how can we solve that? Levin has a grim, predictable solution to a problem America hates: it needs to be crushed and the patriots need to bring the country back. In Levin’s words:

The Democrats in this country need to be crushed, and I want the American people to understand something – you have it within your power to take back this country. They won’t be crushed unless you crush them.

And I’m telling people, I don’t care what your race is, I don’t care where you come from. The American people don’t hate this country the way the AOC does. They don’t hate this country the way Kamala Harris does. We love this country.

Most important, perhaps for Republicans, is what Levin got in the end: McConnell. Effectively fighting the left means moving away from recognized “leaders” like McConnell and toward real fighters who are willing and able to go into the left wing. Speaking of which, Levin said:

You’ve got Kevin McCarthy on this show, who laid out the great agenda for What, When, and If They Take Over the House. Mitch McConnell has outlined the agenda for the US Senate if Republicans take over the Senate?

He was asked directly by a reporter about it and he said – well, we’re not going to push Biden’s progressive agenda. Well, that’s – it’s heartwarming. And then he said, we want to be bipartisan, we want to meet somewhere in the center with our Democratic friends so we can get the job done.

Mitch McConnell, if he hadn’t been eliminated, Republican, we would never have moved forward. He’s fossilized. He is a disaster. We need smart, fresh, revolutionary leadership. That’s it!

Watch the epic speech here:

Levin is right on both counts. The left hates America and mixed RINOs like Mitch McConnell won’t stop them. It will take real leaders, real fighters, to stop the left from destroying America. Watch: Levin speaks out about leftists who hate America

Dustin Huang

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