Watch: GOP Roasts Senator Biden’s Nominee for Crime Policy

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Senate hearings for Biden Supreme Court nominee, Kentaji Brown Jackson, began Monday, and one GOP Senator, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, ripped through his past. Jackson with particular vigor, describing Jackson as promoting “restrictions on children and families, and freedoms for criminals”.

Hit her for it in a great question (or review, depending on opinion), Senator Blackburn speak:

At the beginning of the pandemic, you supported, and I quote again, because “each and every defendant convicted of a crime in the DC Department of Corrections should be released.”

That will be 1500 criminals back on the street if you have your way. And you’ve used the COVID-19 pandemic to justify the release of a fentanyl dealer, a heroin-addicted bank robber and a criminal who murdered a US Marshal into our community.

But your efforts to protect convicts began before the pandemic. You have used your time and talents, not to serve our nation’s veterans or other vulnerable groups, but to provide free legal services to help those in need. Terrorist escape from Gitmo and return to the war.

See her here:

It’s a surprisingly bold question from a somewhat mute and somewhat tame GOP Senate, one that doesn’t seem to have enough spine to nominate a candidate as radical as Jackson, but what That’s not surprising to those who’ve heard Blackburn speak about Jackson.

For example, while appearing on Fox, Blackburn skewered Jackson for the “1500 crimes” she asked during a Senate hearing, speech:

“I’m very concerned about her performance, whether it’s when she’s in private practice, the sentencing committee or on the bench. She will let 1,500 prisoners go during COVID. Among the people she let go of was a murderer, [and] a bank robber. These are hardened criminals back on the streets. She has also been soft on child pornography.”

She echoed that worry about the criminal record in favor of Jackson in the same Fox segment, saying:

“She doesn’t seem to have a judicial philosophy. She won’t know where she is [supports] court packing. I have talked to a lot of women who are quite concerned about her record when it comes to how she deals with crime, how soft she is on criminals, and how soft she is with pornographers. children and child abusers. “

While Blackburn was the standout candidate in Monday’s hearings, several other GOP heads could soon be more vocal and hit Jackson’s radical record. Like Breitbart report:

Senator Hawley was measured by his tone, but said he intends to pursue questions about sentencing for sex offenders. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) flagged Judge Jackson’s Be recorded in the past supported the Theory of Racism and the Black Lives Matter, and noted that he would question radical leftist prosecutors who were supported by leftist donor George Soros .

so perhaps Blackburn’s line of questions and tough message inspired some others to take action and would turn a surprisingly tame hearing into a little payback for Kavanaugh. Watch: GOP Roasts Senator Biden’s Nominee for Crime Policy

Jake Nichol

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