Viral TikTok says you should always wash your goodwill clothes

After posting a viral TikTok about their Goodwill purchase, user @iluvqueers sparked a wave of frenzy about the possibility that a caustic infection could be transmitted from buying second-hand clothing.

The video shows a user putting clothes in the washing machine and changing the setting from bulky/large to hygienic. The caption read: “Wash my Goodwill clothes then remember you could potentially get a viral caustic bacteria from them,” which they later corrected to a “causal virus infection.”

This video has caused hype and questions in the comments. Some users mistakenly believe that others do not wash their clothes after purchasing them.

One user commented: “Don’t you guys wash all your new clothes before wearing them?”

Another commented thinking the opposite, “Literally the whole outfit is from Goodwill rn [right now] not washed because I am impatient. ”

One user has a different opinion on the matter. “Honestly, you can get it from any clothing you buy, not even just at thrift stores,” they say.

The TikTok creator replied: “Yes, production is not the most hygienic thing.

According to an article from Daily mail, washing new clothes is an issue that many people may not consider after indulgent shopping. Doctor and hygienist Dr Lisa Ackerley told the Daily Mail that new, unwashed clothes can contain bacteria, fungi or chemicals depending on how they are manufactured, displayed, stored or transported.

Ackerley also explains how synthetic dyes can cause skin rashes and colds and viruses like flu and norovirus can stay on fabrics for up to 48 hours.

An article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information explains that old clothing is a new threat to parasitic infections. One study found that out of 800 pieces of clothing, 22 (2.7%) that had not been washed and checked for parasites were re-contaminated, while washed clothes were not contaminated.

The article concluded that unwashed clothes can spread skin and hair diseases, such as ringworm, lice and scabies, a human infection by itchy ticks.

“I’m so scared of this happening,” @iluvqueers captioned their video.

Daily Dot reached out to the creator of the video via comment on TikTok and with Goodwill via email.

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* First published: February 9, 2022, 2:02 a.m. CST

Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton is a general reporting intern for the Daily Dot and senior journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin. She has contributed to ORANGE magazine and the Good Morning Texas segments of Texas Student Television. Viral TikTok says you should always wash your goodwill clothes

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