Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious can beat Lightning McQueen in a race

The world of auto racing is filled with legends, from the founders of NASCAR to Formula 1’s Lewis Hamilton. But at the end of the day, every race can only have one winner. This makes it the perfect arena to determine which racing icon is the best: Dominic Torretto in Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious or Lightning McQueen in Cars.

While a confrontation between family man drinking Corona and the greatest champion of the Piston Cup seems unlikely, we think it is important to acknowledge all types of riders. and pitted against each other in perilous competitions for which they were not designed at all. So, in the spirit of competition, we set out to find out which was better, the ultimate cinema driver or a sentient car voiced by Owen Wilson.

In one lane, we have Polygon resident Petrana Radulovic, Automotive enthusiast, making the case for the only Lightning McQueen (on record, he’s not any particular car, though. he seems to have some characteristics of a Dodge Viper). The other is Austen Goslin, who will do as #family did and augment Dominic Toretto in his 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.


Lightning McQueen and Dom come from two completely different worlds of racing, so for the sake of argument we had to figure out how to standardize racing. So we took a leaf from the underrated movie Car 2where racing cars compete on a track with three different environments so the ultimate open wheel and vintage cars will be evenly matched in skill and weakness.

So in this competition, we have three different laps: A street race, a 500-mile Daytona race, and finally, a straight drag race.

Round 1: Street race

Dom with his dodge charger

Photo: Universal Pictures

Petra: Unfortunately, in a street race, my boy was at a serious disadvantage as he did not have matching headlights nor mirrors. The Cars trio goes on long to show that he’s good at driving in places Not race track. When it gets dark, he’s completely engrossed. So when it comes to the street racing component, he definitely loses. We don’t even need to collect stats and numbers here – Lightning will eat shit in this round.

Austen: Yes, a street race is definitely the Dom element. He’s done it dozens of times in the Fast and Furious franchise so far, and in later installments he’s often been chased by all sorts of ways from tanks, bank vaults, and nuclear submarines. In other words, he is a padlock here. But it looks like Lightning can get hurt. Dom is just as good at driving cars, he’s also very good at crashing into them, especially the ones he’s racing.

I think we can assume this is a friendly competition and Dom doesn’t necessarily want to hurt Lightning. Assume that Lightning’s injuries are minor, mostly self-inflicted because of his clumsiness in street racing.

Identify: Dom wins the street race, but Lightning can still drive.

Round 2: NASCAR Race

a yellow race car with a face next to a red race car with a face, jostling for a spot on the track

Image: Pixar

Petra: Lightning entered this race at a disadvantage; It’s possible that he picked up a few injuries during the street race. To be his forte and we’ve seen him come back from major crashes.

3 car start with him getting the total. But while it takes months of rehabilitation to be able to walk again on his feet (yeah, wheels), I doubt he will be completely destroyed by this stage. Lightning is a seven-time Piston Cup winner, the most prestigious award in vintage racing in this universe. He knows his way around a track. Most of 3 car focuses on Lightning in rehab as he goes through coach Cruz Ramirez’s warm-up campaign. Admittedly he had some trouble with his fancy VR emulator, but he went above and beyond and learned some important lessons. So even with some bumps and bruises, I see him racing for a smooth win.

Austen: This is going to be hard for Dom. His last experience at a professional race, at least what we see in the movies, was the day his father passed away. In other words, Dom didn’t feel great about showing up before the event. On top of that, most of his races last only about 10 minutes, and the Daytona’s 500 miles typically last hours. In fact, this is Lightning’s forte meaning Dom will be squashed here.

Identify: Lightning for gold.

Round 3: Drag race

Fast and furious drag race 6

Image: Universal Pictures

Austen: It all comes down to this, and this is where things get complicated. We have to work out a quarter of a mile of time for each of these riders.

According to the first Fast and the Furious movie, Dom’s car could run a quarter mile in 9 seconds. His custom charger is said to have 900 horsepower, and that was before the boost from NOS. During his nine-second stint with Dom’s father, Dom has been a vehicular superhero ever since, so we think it’s fair to say he could fit his time. his old. All of this makes Dom very well prepared for this race, which should come as no surprise as car mods and customizations are something special to him.

Petra: A drag race is all about reaction time and the fact that Lightning McQueen is a sentient vehicle gives him a slight edge here. He can react immediately and doesn’t have to go through a body bag. He is a shabby racing machine!

However, because he’s a vintage car, he doesn’t have the same horsepower output as Dom. We don’t know specifically What The car type is Lightning, but Dom’s classic timing is completely beyond Lightning’s capabilities. Even if he could manage that short starting distance, thanks to an innate knowledge of finer adjustments to his own powertrain, Dom would eventually overpower him and hit top speed. max is much faster.

Identify: Dom took home the prize of being the biggest of the two riders.

Unfortunately, Dom’s usual prize is a pink ticket giving him ownership of the loser’s car, but considering the car is sentient, this is probably just bragging rights.

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