Video highlights of Rob Font’s all-out battle vs. Jose Aldo

Clock Rob Font compare to Jose Aldo Full featured fight video from UFC Vegas 44UFC main event.

UFC Vegas 44 took place on December 4 at UFC APEX in Las Vegas. Rob Font pitted former featherweight champion Jose Aldo in the evening bantamweight main event, which aired live on ESPN+.

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Round 1

The font works early when moving forward, using kicks to give Aldo an early look and switch poses. Aldo still regained his composure, and responded with kicks to the body during the break. Font was trying to find that right, and suddenly ducked down to grab the body lock and pull down Aldo, who instantly bounced up and propped up when they hit the fence. The body lock set up a takedown request, but the Aldo fence blocked it, and introduced unseen Keith Peterson. Font goes back to the takedown job and Aldo can turn it off and edit it himself. The font hits the spot with his combinations and rips off the body. The tempo and movement keep Aldo very unbalanced, and he swings wide as Font swings in and out with quick combos. Lead the top and elbow from the Font, the latter of which is fine. Less than two minutes to go, and Font is starting to rise. Swing hook right from Font out of jab, and Aldo moves well to avoid. Aldo tore through his body and followed with a stab. Best punch of the round. The font returns without the same effect and continues looking for that permission. Aldo defends a series of beautiful punches from the stairs upwards. A fall or two into the pipe severely injured Font, dropping him onto the tarp. Aldo pounced and was about to reach the top when he ran out of time.

Aldo’s close injury time netted him a goal, 10-9.

Round 2

How will the font recover after finishing the first part? He attacks early. Aldo was just waiting for time to counterattack, defend in the meantime. The font mimics the tactics of the first round before spinning wildly, ripping the outside of his body and using pressure and volume to upset Aldo’s rhythm. The difference this time is that it seems Aldo doesn’t respect Font’s fighting prowess. Now he’s moving forward, and one of the other two cracked the Font, causing him to re-edit. Quickly, Aldo returned with his stab, but Aldo just stood there, blocking, blocking or missing the attempts, ready to fire back with superior firepower. Font can gain points with activity, but damaging hits come from Aldo’s right hand, it finds its target. Less than two minutes were left, and Aldo moved with wide hooks before turning back to take the kick. Font almost caught one knee and then was caught by the right. He closes back with a quick, low kick. A shot that wasn’t set up properly and was stuffed. Aldo hit his body with a pair of hooks. Font to charge and look out of the top in the final exchange.

MMA Fighting scores 10-9 for Aldo, who is up 20-18.

Round 3

Aldo’s kick to the leg first appears when Font advances. The strong jabs from Font are the opposite of those kicks and they are taking place step by step. Font’s left eye is severely swollen. Aldo is back to offense and he tries to knock Aldo down with a ride. Aldo took the opportunity to immobilize the semi-mount, and he managed to advance, wrapping his head before controlling the side. Font tries to tie the rope and then tries to raise it before settling on alert. Armbar thought the word Font, and Aldo pushed him back. Font tries to stay away, and Aldo follows him halfway back on alert. Font pushes him back and tries to unload with punches, causing Aldo to push him away. Something damaged Aldo’s right eye, Aldo’s right eye was severely swollen. The font nailed to the body and kept pressing forward. Font with an elbow on top. This time, his volume is winning the game, but one kick takes his soul. Another one, and they trade heavy hooks. Click font and operate the straight punch. Now Aldo’s right eye seems to be swollen. Another special Aldo foot. The font recharges and finds the photo when the time is up.

MMA Fighting scored 10-9 Font, and the score was 29-28 Aldo.

Round 4

Aldo’s right eye is now almost completely swollen, and Font soon let go of his hands. Aldo again nailed it one-two and followed by knee. Font was immediately in trouble, trying to take his place, and another shot knocked him down. Aldo charged in again and ended up in a semi-protective state, and the action stopped as both men stared into their eyes. Font’s left eye works poorly, and he winces when Aldo switches to the side controls. Font works to stand when Aldo tries to pass. Aldo returned to half-guard, content to hold the position for now. Aldo tried to free his legs to mount, and he made it three quarters. The font resists full protection and pops a few elbows from the bottom. Hand crank from Font who realized it was a very bad idea to hang out at the bottom. He’s getting Aldo working, but not having much luck getting up. More elbows from Font and they’re scoring well. Aldo doesn’t do much from the bottom, though he’s sharp enough to fend off all of Font’s attempts to flee. Finally, the Font returns, and Aldo begins to mount. Font again reverts to half-protection and tries to wrap an arm before reversing a few elbows. Time out with Aldo on top.

MMA Fighting scored 10-9 for Aldo, who led 39-37.

Round 5

Font once again unfolds underfoot, shooting away with punches. Aldo fought back and moved to the sides. Step up to block High tempo Fonts. Font jumps on his knees but is forced back, and Aldo presses against the keychain, where Font pushes him back into the cage. Font used head control and Aldo took the elbow before Font escaped. Aldo moves forward and tries to untangle one only to crash into the fence as Font ducks down and defeats him. Kness in the Font situation continues to be busy, Aldo works to defend himself and ground himself so he doesn’t collide with the rug. Another nudge from Font was nearby, and they tapped into position. Another elbow and right from Font, and Aldo dashed backwards and landed a right that hurt Font. All at once, the Font is on top of the thin tape again, and another right and left hook will drop the Font. Aldo once again moved to the finish and rolled into the ride, trying to back away and getting suffocated when Font tried to flee. Aldo can’t get the corner, but Font won’t go anywhere with a minute left. In the end, Font gave up on his back, and Aldo held on to the triangle of his body. Font against hand as Aldo works to finish. The Bar-arm transition from Aldo, and Font is struggling. He turned around and tried to get back alive, but he couldn’t roll out of position, and the fight ended with Aldo on his head.

MMA Fighting scored 10-9 for Aldo, who decided 49-46. Video highlights of Rob Font’s all-out battle vs. Jose Aldo

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