[Video] Canadians Couldn’t Believe What They Found After Inspecting the Freedom Convoy for themselves

Whenever the perverts get angry, whenever those MSM machines watch when the supporters start to revolt, the left completely loses its mind. It labels them as racist, sexist or fascist, slandering anyone and everyone who dares to stand up against the regime.

It did it with the Tea Party patriots who stood up against the Obama regime, certainly did it with the brave Americans who supported Trump so proudly and forcefully in the election. 2016 election and his tumultuous presidency, and is now trying to do so with Freedom Convoy truckers in Canada.

Of course, those who are used to dealing with MSM’s lies are well aware of that; they know the Tea Party patriots are liberals, not fascists. They know the perverts are freedom fighters, not Nazis. They know the Freedom Convoy is about freedom, not some absurd “ism” where the left reaches out and clutches its pearls.

Unfortunately, many people still devour MSM’s narrative, lines, and stories, believing CNN, NBC, or any other regime’s media outlet when it slanders the regime’s opponents to be credit map of all the “isms” used.

Called “normies” in Twitter parlance, they had to lift the curtain and see for themselves what was really going on in order to see the lies of the media.

Luckily, a Canadian couple chose to do just that, deciding to go check out the Freedom Convoy for themselves and see what’s really going on. What they discovered was that the media were lying, as this Twitter thread brilliantly shows:

Suprise. The diverse gathering of Canadian patriots waving maple flags and chanting anti-Trudeau slogans was not there because they hated any ethnic group, wanted to form some kind of fascist state, or because they wanted to cause trouble. violence and chaos.

Rather, Canadians of all stripes are taking to the streets because they love their country and love their freedom. They are driven by their vision of a better life, one that allows them to live freely and do as they please, without hatred or a desire to attack any group.

Soungui noticed just as much. As you can hear in the video, he says:

I really took the time to come down and talk to these people, find out what they’re here for, and hear their stories. That’s something a lot of people don’t do.

Every person we have met has met us with so much love, so much understanding, and so much peace. They have made me cry so many times sharing their incredible stories of what they are fighting for.

Then he said something that I would expect many protesters there to feel, united in a bond of common protest against an autocracy: “I just love you guys so much. ”

If there was a slogan of the Freedom Convoy it would be: “I love you all so much”. That’s why truckers and cowboys, farmers and city enthusiasts, are gathering together and marching through the streets, blocking intersections and crosswalks. Because they love each other and their country.

https://smartzune.com/video-canadians-couldnt-believe-what-they-found-after-checking-out-the-freedom-convoy-for-themselves/ [Video] Canadians Couldn’t Believe What They Found After Inspecting the Freedom Convoy for themselves

James Brien

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