VERY FALSE: Canada’s Trudeau claims “Individuals are trying to block democracy”

There are some questions that we will not have answers to in this lifetime. I’ve made peace with the limitations of what we can know, but wow, there are days when you just need the answer.

Over the past two years, one of the nagging questions has been whether left-wing tyrants like our Joe Biden, Jacinda Arden of New Zealand, or Justin Trudeau of Canada believe their own lies. about Covid or not. Do they really believe that they are helping people – and even see the role of government as essential to saving lives – when they oppress freedom? Do they think they are benefiting us by lying about its origins, creating social distancing guidelines and withholding life-saving drugs?

Last night, in a rare public appearance, Justin Trudeau uttered complete nonsense when he announced the following:

“Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and the daily lives of our compatriots. It has to stop.”

The question is worth repeating: Do Trudeau and others like him really believe in this trash? Or are they simply saying this to rally their ignorant base?

If he believes it, he will have to be blind to see that he has implemented the worst economic blockade since locking down Canada because of heightened fears of a virus that could very well live on. residual (and treatable). He will have to be blinded to see that the forced closing of small businesses and the requirement for vaccine passports to move through society has done the worst damage to freedom since nationalism. Canada was born. And he would have to be so blind to see that he encourages BLM protests that are much more destructive, destructive and inconvenient to the lives of other citizens.

But surely, Canada Freedom’s convoy is doing all of that, too. Understood.

On the other hand, there is a lot of evidence that they do not believe that Covid is worth withdrawing. Trudeau himself is guilty of a flagrant and unrepentant violation of Covid policy. In one example, despite requiring foreign visitors to self-isolate in hotels at their own expense upon entry into Canada for three days, Trudeau checked out after just 12 hours. The elite are always exempt. Barack Obama had a giant maskless birthday party. Gavin Newsom sent his children to school even after he closed public schools. Countless mayors and leaders of green cities and blue states have been caught traveling without masks during their dictator travel and masking restrictions. Stacey Abrams and AOC, anyone?

Based on their actions, it seems that the leftist leaders don’t care about the impact of Covid. They don’t worry about signing a contract or having serious consequences. Stacey Abrams is a descendant of comorbidities and increased risk, and she still marches with her ugly face. She is a compelling example of why masking is actually acceptable. In the end, not wearing a mask in classrooms, football stadiums, restaurants, and going to the supposedly deadly state of Florida would not have happened if the risk of Covid was real for these people.

It’s also pretty clear that border closures and business closures have a negative impact on economic well-being, or that document requirements automatically exclude some people from society. So… they can’t believe this, can they?

The left will not stop at nothing to spark, misinform and deceive the public. This speech was the culmination of such efforts to ensure maximum control over a population. Only one word satisfies an answer: Honk! VERY FALSE: Canada’s Trudeau claims “Individuals are trying to block democracy”

James Brien

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