Varsity Club For Tuesday kick-off

DURHAM – The fourth annual Varsity Club Giving Day kicks off on Tuesday, November 30 with a 27-hour contest running from 9 a.m. November 30 to noon December 1.

For 27 hours, in support of our 27 diverse programs including Cheerleading and the Marching Band, we challenge you to show support for your sport’s Varsity Club fund.

This year, each of our varsity programs are competing with peer-to-peer programs for a chance to win up to $10,000 in their Varsity Club fund. Payment procedures Ranking pages to find the “group” where your favorite shows will compete.

With eight mini contests, there are plenty of winning chances for your team. Each gift of $10 or more from an individual donor will count towards supporting that program’s Top Donors category and the amount donated will count towards the Dollars Donated the most of that program on Gift Day.

Varsity Club funds go directly to each program and they are used to enhance the student-athlete experience. Funds are used by each program for their specific programming needs and have been used for things like renovations to facilities, leadership workshops, and state-of-the-art technology. By supporting your sport’s Varsity Club fund, you are directly supporting your team.

Follow along at to see how each team is doing over the course of 27 hours.

#GoDuke | Varsity Club For Tuesday kick-off

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