Umm…what?: MSNBC Claims Bizarre Tucker and War With Russia

Is America currently at war with the Russian Federation? No, no it’s not. Sure, bumbling Bidens pronouncements in Europe and at press conferences might have brought us closer to such a war, as the Russian Federation probably wasn’t particularly pleased to hear Biden say that Putin has to go or later that we’re training Ukrainian troops, but we. We’re still not at war, at least not yet.

Well, if MSNBC’s shallow viewers take this station at its word (an obvious mistake), they might think that America is indeed at war with the Russians.

Why? Because Nicolle Wallace pretty much said so in a desperate attempt to attack Tucker Carlson during a recent MSNBC segment. As an intermediary reports:

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Wednesday attacked Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson for their role in supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I want to set up that kind of axis Putin, Trump, Tucker Carlson, because I think we’ve mistakenly thought that world events, or tragedy, or a red line, or the slaughter of the innocent, or, as Tony Blinken says, ‘commissioning a war’ are crimes,” that these things could be thawed and put on hold,” Wallace began, arguing that Trump and Carlson had not changed their minds on Putin.

“But it is clear that they are not. Tucker Carlson has amplified Russian disinformation: on March 8 he blamed America for Russia’s war, on March 12 the far right embraced the bioweapons conspiracy theory as the bombs fell on Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities. And then, on March 13, we learned that the Kremlin thinks it’s important to introduce Tucker Carlson,” she continued.

Have you ever reported on either of the two American political parties that allied with an American adversary in wartime?‘ Wallace asked her guest.

Did you get that? In an apparent attempt to brand Tucker as treason, Wallace said Tucker’s pro-Russian, or at least not rabidly pro-Ukrainian, comments came “at a time of war.”

And therein lies the problem: America is not at war right now. We may supply arms to one side, but we are not yet at actual war with the Russians.

What’s worse is that Wallace’s guest, Washington Post “Journalist” Carol Leonnig didn’t even correct her, noting that America is not at war right now. Instead, she agreed, saying:

Hardly ever. I remember Nicolle and I’m so glad you put it that way. I remember one of the most conservative Republicans, Jesse Helms, famously saying that we draw a line on the border of this country.

[…]And indeed, he is a national security threat to our country. And it is a security threat to the stability of Europe right now. And all Americans know that. And Republicans know that.

America is not at war. Tucker’s desperate attempts to bring us back from the brink are in fact the very opposite of a national security threat: his rational remarks could help keep us out of World War III. Umm…what?: MSNBC Claims Bizarre Tucker and War With Russia

Jake Nichol

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