Tucker Taunts Critics: “We Are Putin’s Agents Too!”

Tucker Carlson is one of the few media personalities, right or left, willing to tell the truth about what’s going on in Ukraine. While others raised swords and called for war, seemingly doing everything to put other people’s children to death in Donetsk, Tucker spoke the truth forcefully and repeatedly, exposing the absurdity. reason for sending Americans to their deaths in Ukraine.

As a result, his critics have suggested that he supports Putin. In their minds, not wanting to waste American blood and treasure makes you an ally of Russia.

So he took the time to address those concerns and criticize his critics, the crowd being more enthusiastic, arguing that they were willing to let other Americans die while they were safe. whole, saying:

First, the Russians went to Ukraine. Next, it’s Bangor, Boise, Bakersfield. What Vladimir Putin plans next will make Red Dawn feel like a documentary. So, of course, defenders of democracy everywhere are appalled by this, and they are ready to fight. Now, NATO, with its clear job of containing Russia, has not yet committed to defending Ukraine for a number of reasons…

[…]But oddly enough, and this is weird, we have no confirmation tonight that David Frum, Max Boot and Liz Cheney have left Kyiv, and maybe they’re still oiling their rifles and collecting kits. their own, or maybe they decided to barricade the cable news. Just because they’re technically behind the line doesn’t make their service any less dangerous or important, and one day they’ll all get medals for the sacrifices they’re currently making. in CNN Studios in New York City. And we plan to stream that ceremony live.

His point, and it’s a good one, is that Ukraine is an “ally” that no one but the most ridiculous fans thinks we should be fighting for. For one, it is not a NATO ally, so there is no obligation to defend it if the Russkies send their armored columns. More importantly, besides Britain, Europe has no desire to oppose the Russians on this issue, and neither do many Americans.

And those are the people who will fight in the war. The detractors mocked by Frum, Boot and Cheney are the very ones who will be put to death so that Ukraine, which has been part of Russia for as long as Russia exists, can remain its own corrupt oligarch. rather than part of the corrupt Russian Oligarchy.

What’s more, those fans, as Tucker hilariously puts it, don’t sacrifice anything. They never have and never will; when they call for war on CNN or some other network, they know it’s someone else who will die from their illusion of greatness.

Tucker then turned to a report from CNN that Brandon was so scared over the phone that the Ukrainian president had to ask him to calm down, saying:

It’s a great series, really, if you think about it. So Biden told the president of Ukraine that his capital was about to be looted like fifth-century Rome, blood and screams, fire, spears and swords, seizures and trebuchets, a horrible sight. And the Ukrainians, in response to this, ‘calm down, man, you’re scaring me. Be strong, you sound like a scared old woman. ‘

That’s when Tucker comes to the best part of the segment. Noting how much less interested the Ukrainian president is than Brandon, he took the opportunity to turn the leftist “Putin advocate” against them, bluntly saying:

So what can we infer from this? Yes, it’s simple. If you don’t fear the prospect of Russia invading Ukraine, the question is, whose side are you on here? Which side is you? And we know the answer to that question. You are on the side of Vladimir Putin. So it seems that the President of Ukraine himself has been harmed by Russian disinformation. The President of Ukraine is what we on the cable news coverage refer to as an agent of Putin, and that means the Russians are so effective that they have recruited someone they are preparing for war against. . How smart is that? Would it take a Slavic mind to solve that?

And by the way, yes, we are calling the president of Ukraine an agent of Putin, but we are not judging him. In fact, we can contact. We can sympathize because, as you know, if you watch the media where agents are included.

Tucker was a genius at exposing their arguments as absurd, and he often did. But this segment is possibly one of his best; he brilliantly flips the script to them and exposes them not only as hypocrites but as idiots.

https://smartzune.com/tucker-mocks-critics-were-agents-of-putin-too/ Tucker Taunts Critics: “We Are Putin’s Agents Too!”

James Brien

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