Trump speaks out about Biden’s handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict

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Former President Donald Trump, appearing to speak to a group of RNC donors at a retreat in New Orleans, had some harsh words about both NATO and Biden’s handling of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

According to CBS, that report of his remarks, Trump first attacked NATO, an alliance he calls a “paper tiger”. Given that some countries spend their money, he has a point.

He went on to attack the weakness of NATO’s European members, saying:

Will all of these countries stand by and perhaps millions slaughtered as the attack continues? The nations said: ‘No, when can we not accept this great crime against humanity?’ We cannot let it happen. We can’t let it keep happening. ”

He then made the rather humorous, if macabre, joke that the US should use stealth fighters like the F-22 to bomb the Russians and then blame the Chinese. As CBS reports on comment:

However, Trump also joked about the conflict, telling donors that the US should “plant the Chinese flag” on the F-22 fighter jets and “bomb” out of Russia.

“And then we said, China did it,” he said, with laughter in the room, according to the source. “Then they started fighting each other, and we sat back and watched.”

Regardless of what the media say about that comment, at least Trump, unlike Uniparty, thinks Russia and China should separate from each other, not embrace each other.

Trump then attacked the way Biden had handled the situation, saying:

We have to ask Biden to stop saying that – and this for everyone to hear – that we will never attack Russia because they are a nuclear power, right? You know who is saying this? Okay, whether it’s fact or fiction, ‘We’re not going to attack Russia. You see, they are a nuclear power. ‘ Oh, thanks for letting us know. ”

Not only did Trump attack Biden and NATO in his speech, he also made a big hint that he could run for office in 2024, allegedly:

We’ll see a Republican president reclaim that magnificent White House in 2024. I wonder who that could be.. ”

He also, in a comment that is sure to be misinterpreted and used to brutalize him, says “Vote counters are often more important than candidates and Republicans will have to face a lot harder.

He clearly means that tracking cheats is important because otherwise wins can be faked; of course to the left would mean Trump is calling for fraud.

Despite that, Trump made a good point about NATO and Biden’s handling of the situation; an alliance of nations that don’t want to fight and, more importantly, have so underfunded their armies that they can’t fight, not really a remarkable alliance.

Perhaps that description is wrong, but that is certainly what Putin believed when he went to Ukraine, which he did not, it should be noted, do under Trump. Trump speaks out about Biden’s handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict

Jake Nichol

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