Trump-appointed judge deals a major blow against illegal immigration activism

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In February 2021, Biden issued initial guidance to limit the deportation of illegals. Then, in September 2021 with more important guidance, he placed serious roadblocks in the way of those trying to get illegal aliens out of the country. Like Breitbart description it at the time of second order:

In February, DHS officials issued an initial order preventing ICE agents from apprehending and deporting illegal alien criminals unless they have recently been convicted of a serious felony or have identified as a known gang member or terrorist.

On Thursday, DHS officials issued new orders to replace previous sanctuary states orders that are now being challenged in federal court over the release of illegal aliens who commit crimes. into the United States.

“Therefore, the fact that an individual is a movable non-citizen should not alone become the basis of an enforcement action against them,” the order states.

As a result, the fight against illegal immigration has been a huge success. Illegals, knowing they would almost certainly not be deported, flooded the country, with more than illegal 2 million in 2021 alone. That, paired with low eviction recordincrease the illegal immigrant population.

Thankfully, there are a number of judges out there willing to stand up to Team Biden’s attempt to destroy US immigration law, which requires the interception and deportation of illegals.

One such judge is District Judge Michael J. Newman, a judge in Dayton, Ohio who just issued an order against Biden’s deportation order, potentially creating an opportunity for immigration services to begin deporting. export the illegal ones again.

Springfield News-Sun, preliminary command report, note that:

U.S. Southern District Court Judge Michael J. Newman of the Southern District of Ohio issued a preliminary order Tuesday barring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from following certain parts of “permanent guidance” ” was issued by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in September 2021. It guides agents in assessing a criminal record, conviction, and a range of other aggravating and mitigating circumstances to determine decide whether to pursue detention and removal.

Judge Newman, in his opinion, highlighted the financial cost to states asking them not to deport illegals, speech:

For example, in the District of Arizona litigation over Interim Guidance, Arizona identified noncitizens with criminal records placed under state surveillance after DHS released their inmates. according to Interim Instructions. Reducing incarceration and eliminating alien crime will always lead to similar outcomes in Montana and Ohio.

The overall decline in removals will also cause States to spend more emergency Medicaid assistance and education resources on noncitizens than they otherwise would.

Illegal immigration is a huge financial burden on the United States. The medical costs incurred when dealing with illegals alone will result in Billion of dollars.

By allowing the deportation of illegals to continue, Judge Newman is helping the states get rid of that financial burden and start weeding out people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Trump-appointed judge deals a major blow against illegal immigration activism

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