Trans twitch streamer Keffals beaten and terrorized by police

Transstreamer Clara holds a copy of the search warrant in her right hand "keffals" Sorrenti describes the trauma Ontario Police inflicted on her during a recent clapping incident.

Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti, a transstreamer and political commentator, was arrested by Canadian police last week after a slapping incident. Keffals was at a loss and accepted a YouTube video narrating the event that the police have terrorized her and locked her out of her accounts because she is “still a suspect in an investigation” of a crime she did not commit.

Keffals’ Twitch streams and YouTube videos on politics and LGBTQ+ issues have garnered her a large following. She is burdened transphobic comments by journalist Helen Joyce and Relationship with the hell out, noted TERF JK Rowling. Keffals has also used her platform for activism, such as Calling awareness of a California law that would Protecting trans youth fleeing to the state. If there’s any news regarding queerness, chances are Keffals has said something about it. And being as outspoken as she is, Keffals is no stranger to courting controversy. It was her, for example Temporarily banned from Twitch for “speaking openly” about the abuse Coming earlier this year, it regularly targets right-wing commentators for their bad attitudes, such as: Tim Pool.

That’s all to say that Keffals likely expected harassment of some form, but nothing could have prepared her for the morning of Friday, August 5th. As she recounted in a YouTube video uploaded days later, Keffals was “woken up by London police pointing an assault rifle.” [her] face in [her] Home.” Apparently, someone posing as her emailed every councilman in London, Ontario, stating that she had killed her mother, had an illegal firearm, and was planning to “go to City Hall and to shoot any cis person”. There were only two glaring problems: the email was riddled with grammatical errors and had Keffals’ dead name. You’d think Keffals wouldn’t use a dead name, but the cops didn’t care When Keffals was arrested by Ontario police, they booked her at the station under her surname, which was legally changed more than a decade ago.The cops even mistook Keffals when speaking to her mother, referring to her as Ms Sorrenti’s “son,” although Keffals ran twice for political office in Canada under her real, legal name, Clara Sorrenti.

A search warrant Keffals showed in the video found police were “looking for a handgun, ammunition, cartridges, cleaning tools, a gun case, cell phones and computers.” Police confiscated her personal and business equipment, including the computer she is streaming from, as well as her fiancé’s equipment, which contains the only copy of her doctorate. Diploma thesis and other university documents. Keffals explained that Ontario Police should be privy to those horrific swatting calls because it had happened to her before. On July 31, another email was sent in Toronto by someone posing as her to Toronto politicians who made similar threats. That police department’s sergeant, Nathan Edward Gibson, called it what it was — a misleading exchange of blows, especially given that she’s not currently residing in metropolitan Toronto — and released Keffals without charging her with a crime or making her a suspect .

However, London Police maintain that Keffals is still a suspect in their ongoing investigation. That’s despite police finding no guns at Keffal’s home, finding her mother alive and well and her own brother calling the department in March and asking for the family to be put on a no-swatting list. (That request was “denied outright,” according to Keffals.)

“Because of the negligence of [London Police Services], we were both unemployed, and I spent thousands of dollars replacing our phones and computers so our lives wouldn’t be completely ruined by what happened to us,” Keffals said. “After the police interrogated me and determined this was a situation that had happened to me before, they released me without charge…Even after I bought a new phone, I still can’t log into some of my accounts , because the London police still [holds] the phone my two-factor authentication goes to.”

kotaku has reached out to Keffals for comment.

Keffals isn’t the only streamer to have been called by police recently. GTA V Streamer Adin Ross and unpredictable internet personality IShowSpeed were both struck earlier this week while a Hearthstone Streamer allowed the cops to enter her home during a live stream in February. Swatten is dangerous”Prank,” one that endangers – and traumatizes – innocent lives and squanders resources.

“Rather than the police helping me, they terrorized me and my loved ones, traumatized me and left both my fiancé and I on the verge of losing everything,” Keffals said. “They bullied me for being a victim of a hate crime… I don’t know when I’ll be back on Twitch. When I was woken up by police officers and saw the assault rifle pointed at me, I thought I was going to die. I feel traumatized. I just want everyone to know what happened and ask for help so I can find justice for what happened to me.”

Keffals seeks financial support a GoFundMe page, which helps with relocation expenses and legal assistance. The goal, she said, is to recoup their losses and relocate to a safer location. Trans twitch streamer Keffals beaten and terrorized by police

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