Top Trump WH Staffers: We want to arm Ukraine to the teeth

As former national security officials in the Trump administration who firmly believe in an “America First” approach to U.S. national security policy, we have been on TV nearly every day, covering Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine spoken.

We have emphatically stated that the US must support Ukraine with whatever weapons it needs to defend itself against Russia’s totally unwarranted invasion. We paid tribute to the courageous and heroic leadership of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. We have also repeatedly denounced Moscow’s criticism of Zelenskyy and Putin’s nonsensical claim that Russia invaded to fight Nazis.

Some have recently misrepresented the America First movement regarding the war in Ukraine and Putin. For example in a Sunday Wall Street Journal Op EdJeffrey Scott Shapiro claimed that the movement had taken a “dangerous turn” by claiming that “leading America-firsters were parroting the Kremlin’s narratives” about the war in Ukraine and pairing Putin with a strong nationalist leader like President Donald J. confused Trump.

This is pure nonsense.

While there may be others in Washington who casually refer to themselves as “America First,” we and our colleagues at the America First Policy Institute have worked alongside Trump in senior positions in the White House and in departments and agencies throughout the executive branch. We are the leaders of the America First movement. We have unequivocally condemned Putin’s destructive invasion of Ukraine and the heinous atrocities committed by his military there.


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As advocates and practitioners of an “America First” approach to US foreign policy, we want a strong, independent, and secure America. We are realists, firmly rejecting the delusion that America can bury its head in the sand instead of dealing with the outside world.

America First requires an independent and secure America with a strong military and strong alliances. We must ensure America’s supply chains and economy are stable and strong, and its people safe. It is through inner strength that we are best equipped to lead the world and to engage and achieve more for the American people and the peace, prosperity and freedom of others.

America First is not isolationism. Rather, it is a purposeful engagement with other nations to serve American interests first.

We believe in bold decisions in support of American interests and in strengthening the capacity, credibility and resolve of American allies. But we also support the prudent use of American military power – and oppose sending American troops into endless wars without clear goals that benefit the American people.

Should the US send more guns to Ukraine?

For these reasons, we stand firmly with the people of Ukraine in their efforts to defend their country against Russian invasion, and we strongly advocate sending additional arms and weapons to Ukraine. But we oppose a no-fly zone and other ways of involving American forces in the Ukraine conflict because we don’t believe the US should risk war with Russia. Such a conflict could escalate into a major war in Europe or a nuclear conflict.

With this in mind, we want Ukraine to be armed to the teeth, and we are deeply concerned that the Biden administration appears reluctant to provide promised weapons and has denied other weapons requests from Ukrainian officials.

America First’s foreign policy and strong US leadership make the world a safer place. Unlike many liberal and conservative hawks, Trump’s leadership has not made the world any less secure; it has done exactly what it was designed to do – make America strong again and the world a safer place as a result. The only time Russia has not invaded a neighbor this century was during the four years that Donald Trump served as commander-in-chief.

America First does not mean America alone. As the only true custodians of “America First” foreign policy, we are unequivocally opposed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and want the US to send the Ukrainian military the weapons it needs to defend its country and defeat Russia.

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blank Top Trump WH Staffers: We want to arm Ukraine to the teeth

John Verrall

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