Top five ideas, designs and concepts for Minecraft storage rooms

The main focus of Minecraft gameplay is collecting all the building blocks and crafting materials you might need on a given world. However, since inventory space is limited and Minecraft’s catalog of items is constantly expanding, having a dedicated space to store items is absolutely necessary. While any old chest can do, these five designs can help you keep your storage space organized.


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Barrels are easy to craft and place, being only one block in size and opening from their sides. This means that they can be placed practically anywhere and act as a compact storage space that can also find a place in remote locations. For example, lining the ceiling with barrels can create overhead storage that frees up floor space for other essential items like a stove, bed or charming table.

chest stack

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Aligning and stacking double chests is one of the most popular methods of bulk storage. Chests can be pitted against each other by crouching while laying down a block. Item frames, which can be used to represent the type of items held in each chest, can be placed using the same technique.

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Keep in mind that chests with opaque blocks above them cannot be opened. Opaque blocks are any type of blocks that both take up the overall square block shape and prevent light from passing through. Chests aligned in this way can open against each other, as the individual chest blocks are considered “transparent” by the game rules, making them slightly smaller than a full Minecraft block.

End chests

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Unlike most of the other tips on this list, the Ender chest build doesn’t use fancy mechanics or impressive builds to be as efficient as possible. Items you store in an Ender Chest can be found in any other Ender Chest in the world and are unique to you, meaning other players cannot steal what you store there. Its utility alone makes it a must-have for any storage room.

The capacity of the Ender Chest can technically be increased by stuffing it with 27 Shulker Chests. Each individual Shulker box can hold a portable capacity of up to 27 unique items, meaning you can ultimately store 729 item stacks in the privacy of an Ender chest.

furnaces and ingots

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Hoppers are easy-to-craft blocks that can connect item-processing utility blocks to storage blocks like chests. The funnel moves processed items, like freshly smelted ingots, directly from a furnace to a connected chest, as long as it connects both blocks.

In practice, this allows you to put iron and gold ore in the blast furnace, the ingots of which will be received immediately and automatically sorted into a chest with other ingots of the same type. A system like this can greatly reduce the downtime you spend sorting items after a mining trip.

item disposal

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With an item catalog as vast as Minecraft’s, you’re bound to have to collect a bunch of junk blocks and other useless items. When it comes to getting rid of this junk, you need a proper disposal system.

If you throw unnecessary items into the lava, they will be deleted immediately. So having a single lava block in a low position can result in a sort of self-draining trash can. Make sure to place this lava block in a position or place where you cannot fall into it, e.g. B. behind a glass case with a single block gap at the bottom to slide items through. Top five ideas, designs and concepts for Minecraft storage rooms

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