Top 4 Tips On Buying AFL 2022 Tickets

The Australian Football League (AFL) is among the most popular leagues in Australia. It consists of 18 teams of both juniors and seniors. The game primarily involves kicking, handballing, and running and is played in four quarters of 20 minutes each. Ideally, the referee sets off every quarter by bouncing the ball in the middle circle, and players compete to own it. Most people enjoy this game since it’s an excellent platform for making friends, enjoying fun, and keeping fit.

At the same time, the AFL attracts a lot of fans. Thus, as an enthusiast, you’d want to be present in the stadium, watch the games live, and perhaps place a bet, for which you’ll need a ticket. So, here are the top four tips on buying AFL 2022 tickets:

  1. Know Where To Buy Your AFL Ticket

At some point, you may just want to get your ticket without considering the seller’s reputation. This is especially true if it’s at the last minute. Remember, scalpers understand such situations perfectly. They will take advantage of your desperation and make you part with your hard-earned money as they know how much you need a ticket. 

Aside from scalpers, be wary of ticket re-selling sites selling fake tickets. So, make sure to do a background check of the ticket seller to avoid falling victim to scams. Reputable sites typically offer AFL corporate box tickets, a package that includes niceties such as VIP car parking, premium buffet dining, top-grade beverage package, among many other perks. This is a perfect way to entertain your business partners or clients.

  1. Create A Ticketblaster Account

Before purchasing AFL tickets, you need to have a Ticketblaster account. This helps you access the information that lets you plan your purchase, such as the schedule of your favorite team’s upcoming matches, venue, and seating with the corresponding ticket price. Additionally, you can obtain information about forthcoming events, exceptional offers, special pre-sales, etc. 

By signing up for an account, you can conveniently purchase your tickets. You won’t need to enter your credit card details every time, only your email address and password. 

Registering for an account is free, and you can use your mobile phone. Here are the steps to create an account:

  • Visit the Ticketblaster website.
  • Click ‘My Account.’ 
  • Enter your email address, then click ‘Register.’
  • You’ll be assigned a username based on your email address and an automatically generated password. Click the link provided to access your account.
  • Log in by typing in your username or email address and password. 
  • You can enter your billing address, edit your account details, and view your orders from your account dashboard. 
  1. Do It In Good Time

When you sign up early enough, you’ll have enough time to fill in the necessary details correctly. On the other hand, you might make a mistake if you do it at the last minute. You may not have enough time to cross-check your details, which could make you miss out on the tickets. Missing the football match you’ve always wanted to watch may lead to stress and anxiety. 

In addition, buying AFL 2022 tickets in advance gives you time to check for available bonuses or any changes to the purchase requirements.

  1. Buy Tickets Collectively

You can get AFL tickets for less if you buy in bulk, say 10 tickets at a time. It’s highly likely that aside from yourself, there are other AFL devotees in your family and circle of friends. 

So, round them up and decide which match you will watch as a group. If everyone is available on the day of the scheduled game, the next item to be agreed on is the seating option. Aside from the corporate suite package mentioned earlier, you may choose from different sections, with corresponding variations in the ticket price. 

For instance, if you all agree to purchase tickets worth AUD$100 each, 10 tickets will cost you AUD$1,000 plus shipping and handling fee of say AUD$20 for a total amount of AUD$1,020. On the other hand, buying your tickets individually will cost you AUD$120 each or a total of AUD$1,200 for 10 tickets.

Aside from the savings on the shipping and handling fee, you’ll have a great time watching the game together with family and friends. 


You wouldn’t want to miss the exciting AFL matches simply because you didn’t know how to purchase a ticket. The top four tips above should guide you in buying 2022 AFL tickets. Try them out and secure your seat in the stadium for a thrilling experience. 

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