Top 10 VTubers, Ranking

The term VTuber may confuse some people, but they are among the most popular content creators in the world. The first VTuber — short for Virtual YouTuber — was Japan’s Kizuna Ai in 2016. Since then, dozens of VTubers have stormed the stage, many amassing millions of fans while hiding their faces behind an adorable anime avatar. If you’re curious about the scene and looking for the best VTubers to check out, here are our top picks.

The best VTubers – our top ten picks

Being a VTuber means more than just putting an image in your overlay. While the software and rigging required has come down in price, creating the virtual avatar requires a great deal of time and skill. The software moves the avatar as you move in front of your camera, mimicking your facial expressions and body language to bring the character to life. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a platform in the VTubing scene and here are the best ones worth checking out.

10) Hirakami Fubuki

Freed from the burden of mortal form, many VTubers like to portray themselves as mythical or fantastical creatures. Shirakami Fubuki is one such streamer, choosing the form of a kemonomimi with large fox ears for her avatar. Her streams, which have garnered her almost two million subscribers on YouTube, range from chatting with her fans to drawing to playing MMOs with fellow VTubers. Her usual calm and laid-back personality occasionally slips, especially when streaming horror games, which makes for entertaining viewing.

9) Mirai Akari

Mirai Akari has been a VTuber longer than most people and has a video backlog dating back to 2017. Like many VTubers, she created an entire backstory for the character she plays; In this case, she has no past as she lost her memory just before her debut. Mirai Akari’s videos feature her dancing and playing, but she also performs many of her own songs on her channel.

8) Monarchs

While the vast majority of VTubers hail from Asian countries, the trend has picked up steam in the US as popular YouTubers try out the virtual side of things. One of them is Monarch, played by YouTuber LeeandLie. Monarch is a self-proclaimed VTuber villain, which gives her a very different flair than most of the other folks on this list. Monarch adds a lot of chaos to all of their videos, making them worth checking out.

7) Mori Calliope

Ever wanted to hear a god of death rap? Mori Calliope can do that for you. She is portrayed as the Grim Reaper’s apprentice. She has over a million subscribers on YouTube and regularly streams as part of the agency hololive VTuber, which gives her more resources and a higher budget than most on the scene. The contrast between her intense looks and backstory and her calm, soothing voice is one of the things that keeps her coming back for more.

6) Kuzuha

The third of our rogue VTubers is Kuzuha, who portrays himself as a 100-year-old vampire. He has been streaming since 2018 and was the first male VTuber to surpass a million subscribers in 2021. Kuzuha tends to get a little carried away with the game he’s playing and often streams alongside fellow male VTuber Kanae, who’s further down this list. The contrast between the pair, with Kuzuha often playing the role of chaos and Kanae keeping calm, is a big reason they work so well together.

5) Inugami Corona

It took Inugami Korone just over a year to gain her first million subscribers on YouTube. This VTuber takes on the role of a dog girl who owns and runs a bakery. She is a versatile streamer who plays everything from retro titles to platformers to FPS games. Inugami Korone is part of hololive Gamers, the gaming contingent within the hololive VTuber agency, and has over 500 videos to delve into.

4) Usada Pekora

Bunny girls are all over the internet, but Usada Pekora goes further. She’s a bunny girl with such a strong addiction to carrots that she’s usually seen dangling by her hair. She is one of the most popular VTubers in the world with more than two million subscribers on YouTube from all over the world. She often plays games with other hololive VTubers or participates in singing streams with her fans.

3) Kanae

While most of the characters on this list are female, there is a growing number of male VTubers to check out. Kanae is someone who brings a level of laid-back comfort to all of his streams. He speaks softly and soothingly for most of his playthroughs, although moments of madness and chaos trickle through during stressful moments. The contrast here is a big part of what makes his videos so enjoyable to watch. And with more than 2500 videos on YouTube, there’s plenty of Kanae content to try.

2) Houshou Navy

Who says pirates can’t have fun? Houshou Marine started VTubing to save money to buy a pirate ship and search for treasure on the seven seas. Until she can make that dream come true, she’s content to just play as a pirate and chat to her more than two million YouTube subscribers. Marines Streams cover everything from games to illustrations to singing original songs.

1) Gawr Gura

Gawr Gura is currently one of the largest active VTubers. With over four million subscribers, this shark girl mainly streams in English while playing games like Mario Kart and Minecraft or just chatting with her fans. The fun of Gawr Gura’s streams is the uncontrollable chaos she portrays, with the most popular games among her fans being the ones that confuse or frustrate them. Regardless of her reactions, she plays the role of tsundere perfectly. Top 10 VTubers, Ranking

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