Top 10 new games revealed at The Game Awards 2021

Game Award helped bring attention to the best in the gaming industry. However, many people actually watch The Game Awards more for the announcements and revelations than for the awards ceremony itself. While still acknowledging the successes of the awardees, we now turn our attention to some of the best new game revelations. Here are the top 10 new ClutchPoints Gaming games revealed at The Game Awards 2021 (In no particular order):

Star Wars Eclipse

Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Quantic Dream, Lucasfilm Games
Platform: TBD
Release date: TBD / 2-3 years

Any new games set up in Star Wars universe is sure to attract a lot of attention. Star Wars Eclipse created a lot of buzz with just a single trailer. Developed by Quantic Dreams (Heavy Rain, Detroit: Be Human), eclipse will focus more on stories and will likely focus on plots and mysteries. With the game set in the Age of Supreme Republic rarely explored, eclipse will open a lot of doors for the future of Star Wars Game. The game doesn’t currently have a release date, so expect the game to launch no earlier than 2023.

Homeworld 3 (Blackbird Interactive, Gearbox, Q4 2022)

Developer: Blackbird Interactive
Publisher: Gearbox Software, Gearbox Publishing
Platform: PC
Release date: Q4 2022

Homeworld has always been one of the more skill demanding RTS games at the dawn of the RTS generation. With the return of Age of Empires 4, interest in the RTS game has received a new high. Continuing the success of AoE4 with another successful RTS comeback that could help bring the genre back into the spotlight. Perhaps with a new publisher, this time in the form of Gearbox, Homeworld 3 will probably get a lot of attention when it finally launches in Q4 2022.


Developer: Bokeh Game Studio
Publisher: Bokeh Game Studio
Platform: TBD
Release date: TBD 2023

From the original creator of Silent Hill franchise comes a new horror game. It’s not PT or Silent Hill, but don’t let the thoughts of Keiichiro Toyama and Akira Yamaoka’s music give us chills. From the trailer alone, there are a lot of horror and creepy images of the body, but the game feels very attractive. There’s a certain charm in this game that draws you in, even if you know better than to get close to anything as horrifying as this.

Wonder Woman

Developer: Monolith Productions
Publisher: Warner Brothers.
Platform: Xbox Series X/S, PS5
Release date: TBD

This is an interesting and also very trendy thing. We don’t get a lot of superhero games with female protagonists, and we could always start with Amazoness, DC’s iconic Wonder Woman. However, there are not many details about this game yet, other than that it is being developed Shadows of War developer Monolith and it will be released on the next generation console. Monolith VP and Studio Head David Hewett shared that the game will also feature the Nemesis System made popular by Shadows of Mordor but how that might be applied in the world of Wonder Woman is currently unknown. However, this game is on our Top 10 list of new games revealed at The Game Awards 2021 solely because of the star power of the heroine in the game.

Alan Wake 2

Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Publisher: Epic Games Publishing
Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / WILL
Release date: 2023

After ten years, and after much speculation, Alan Wake is finally back! There’s been a lot of hype surrounding this release, and rightfully so. Alan Wake’s origin story has received rave reviews from critics as well as players. Now he will be back, Game Director Sam Lake said that this time, Alan Wake 2 will be a survival horror game. This evolution will keep the game fresh and may also introduce new gameplay elements to showcase Remedy’s very own Northlight Engine. With the arrival of publisher Epic Games, this game is sure to make a big splash in the industry when it releases in 2023.


Developer: Spiders
Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / WILL
Release date: June 2022

This game is like a marriage between Souls games and NieR: Automata, not only because of the game’s use of cyborgs, but also because of the dark theme and art style. Set in late 18th-century Paris, you play against the backdrop of the French Revolution, using your cybernetic components to take down larger, uglier, scarier automated robots in one The game is like Souls that we have never seen before.

Star Trek Resurgence

Developer: Dramatic Labs
Publisher: Dramatic Labs
Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Release date: Spring 2022

Star Trek is one of those series that you’ve either just heard of or you’re really passionate about. For those who are passionate Star Trek, this is a godsend. Still, it’s still a great way for newcomers to learn more about the franchise, as this game will primarily focus on story. Dramatic Labs includes dozens of former Telltale employees, so expectations are high for this game.

ARC Raiders

Developer: Embark Studios
Publisher: Embark Studios
Platforms: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / WILL
Release date: TBD 2022

A free sci-fi squad-based shooter set in outer space, there’s a lot to like for you. ARC Raiders. Great art style, weapons that look fun and worthwhile, and unique enemy designs. Putting context into space really opens up your options for what you can include in your game, and Embark Studios didn’t squander the opportunity they had at hand.


Developer: Iron Galaxy Studios
Publisher: Epic Games Publishing
Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Release date: February 16, 2022

Who would have thought that the first multiplayer game Epic Games Publishing would publish would be anything other than Fortnite? The surprise doubles when you find out Rumbleverse, is also a Battle Royale game. However, this will probably be the first Battle Royale game without guns, because Rumbleverse is all about wrestling. Jump around and beat your opponents across the map in this 40-person multiplayer game, complete with a quirky, colorful aesthetic that will appeal to adults and children alike.

Sonic Frontiers

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch
Release date: Q4 2022

Finally, Sonic is in an open world game! The very prospect of Sonic in an open world of its own is breathtaking. With the success of games like Negative color and Sonic Mania, it’s time for Sonic Team to go back and try new things. Sonic’s new movie will certainly help promote this upcoming game, but it looks like Blue Flash doesn’t need any more trailers. However, there is still some skepticism about whether this game will work or not. The 3D sound game, after all, has failed in history. Do you have games like Sound force, you know, it’s better to forget. Regardless, we’re sure many Sonic fans will follow this page.

And that’s our list of the top 10 new games revealed at The Game Awards 2021. We have high hopes for these games and we look forward to further announcements during the Public Meetings. show the world we saw at The Game Awards. If anything, these give us a lot of hope for the health of the games industry, with so many great games lined up for release, as well as so many developers. games are still just beginning to showcase what they are made of. Who knows, these games will appear again in the TGA, this time as awardees.

Steph curry Top 10 new games revealed at The Game Awards 2021

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