Top 10 Minecraft Players – Fastest Minecraft Speedrunners

The sandbox RPG Minecraft has been around for well over a decade, and many of its loyal players have been exploring its blocky world since beta. Whether you prefer to modify your Minecraft experience until it’s almost unrecognizable, or endlessly explore the world in its vanilla state, the hours most Minecraft players invest can be astounding. However, some work in reverse with the title, trying to complete the game as quickly as possible. Here are the top ten Minecraft speedrunners and their times on random seeds at 1.16+ glitchless any%.

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10. Megelimc-9:16.343

Megelimc actually had a pretty hard time with that speed run, which was noticeable in some parts of the time handoff. A standard tactic to defeat the ender dragon is to hang the dragon from the posts and use the detonations from beds in The End to eliminate the ender dragon. Megelimc brought four beds, which wasn’t enough to finish it thanks to an explosion, resulting in them having to switch to an ax to finish the job. Still, RNG was predominant in this run, as is usual with Minecraft speed runs – that extra bed would have saved at most three seconds.

9. Cube 1337x — 9:08.82

This run probably would have been a bit better if Cube1337x hadn’t gotten stuck in the Fortress part and chased Blazes while trying to dodge incoming hordes of Wither Skeletons around the 6 minute mark. Unfortunately, Minecraft speed running lends itself to some RNG impact, which has cost a few seconds throughout the run. However, it is no small feat to elapse a little over 9 minutes from spawn to killing the ender dragon.

8. DougThePig – 9:07.741

True to its name, Doug the Pig guides his pig-centric Minecraft skin through everything the game has to offer in just over nine minutes, with a little hitch with the classic Piglin RNG. At the three-minute mark, Doug comes through a lava-heavy Y-level and almost instantly turns it into a nether portal with a bucket of water, which is a clear example of some Minecraft speed-running strategies.

7. Feinberg—9:00.487

Spawning on an island with no trees, Feinberg uses a nearby shipwreck to quickly mine iron and a unique diamond, opting to chop down the pylons for wood. This spawn becomes useful quickly, as Feinberg builds his nether portal within two minutes of spawning. Some difficulty finding gold blocks increases his time in the Nether, although this is made up for by a quickly found Blaze spawn.

6. Silverr – 8:47.927

Silverr plays in his native Serbian while commenting in English and posts the first sub-nine minute Minecraft speedrun for any % glitch-free 1.16+ of the top ten. Notable in his run is the decision to fight back the Ender Dragon as he has to use multiple beds as he can’t land the direct hits needed to drain his health in four hits. Luckily he brought several beds with him.

5. Corona – 8:47.223

Korone, playing in Croatian, brings some unique technicians to her speed run, using the swim animation to crawl through a 1×1 chasm and doors to stop lava from boiling her, all within the first minute of the run. There were two instances of bad RNG in this run – the keep was far from the original nether portal and it was taking too long to find the Blazes. Without those, this run of awesome piglin procs and gold finds could have been the one to beat.

4. Reignex-8:39.218

Reignex enjoyed a brief stint at the top of the speed running leaderboards for Minecraft 1.16+ with this run. There’s about 20 seconds separating this run from the best and it’s hard to tell where the time could be caught up. At 2:23 there’s a slightly botched jump onto the keep, and the distance from the portal to the nether keep might be closer, but at this stage we’re talking about shaving seconds rather than getting closer to the speed run overall.

3. Sagi_Enderman – 8:36.658

Interestingly, Sagi_Enderman features the first 1.16+ speed run on the list, where at minute three we see the nether biomes that were added in 1.16. It’s a short-lived foray, as it’s little more than a means to an end to reach the fortress. This distance between the original nether portal and the fortress is reportedly the worst RNG offered in the entire run. Adequate piglin procs and blazes make the stronghold aspect of this run one of the shortest on this list.

2. Zylenox-8:27.473

It would be interesting to take Zylenox’ seed and see how fast it could actually run as it’s an awesome Nether Fortress placed seed. However, that’s a whole different category, and when it comes to pre-packaged seeds, there are simply better ones out there. Still, there’s no denying that Zylenox not only snagged a fantastic starting position, but also managed to capitalize on almost every aspect of the run when he finished at 8:27.

1. Doogile-8:15.537

Doogile got the best speedrun with 8:15 with 1.16+% without glitches, and Zylenox came closest with his 8:27 run – two months after taking first place. Doogile has the undisputed world record for a legal standard Minecraft speedrun – a near flawless blaze spawn allowed the player to quickly stack blazes where other runners struggled to gather the necessary rods for the wards. Top 10 Minecraft Players – Fastest Minecraft Speedrunners

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