Tom Cotton blasts student loan forgiveness and offers a great idea to keep woke universities in check

Senator Tom Cotton, in a recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom, refuted the left-wing idea of ​​”forgiving” student loan debt.

To expose the idea of ​​“loan forgiveness” for what it really is, a totally unfair and probably inflationary attempt to subsidize the wildly pro-left universities and mainly left-leaning university graduates, despite the worthlessness of the degrees on offer, as evidenced by the inability of the students to do so pay them back, tom cotton called:

“IIt would be inflationary for the economy and inflation is clearly slowing down economic growth at the moment. Cancellation of this student loan debt would also be outrageously unfair to most Americans who didn’t go to collegewho do not have a university degree, who do not have student loans.

“So for every truck driver, plumber, welder, HVAC repairman, and carpenter who has gone to work and worked hard every day since he or she turned 18, They would take on trillions of dollars in student loans for students who made the voluntary decision to go to college and take out those loans and just like someone who takes out a loan for a small business, car, or house, he should pay the loans back.”

Cotton then attacked the universities, saying that they are the ones who should be on the alert for loan repayments since they are the ones charging such mind-numbing amounts for useless degrees. saying:

If anything, it should be the colleges and universities that have served these students so poorly in repaying these loans.”

Cotton ended his attack on the idea of ​​forgiving student loans by returning to the economic implications of “forgiving” trillions in debt, and then joined in saying:

“But if they continue with that, on top of all the other expenses and loans, like you said, it will contribute to more inflation, which means economic growth will face even more headwindsas we saw this morning when we received the first quarter reports.”

Although Cotton’s points about inflation and injustice will resonate with many voters furious at the idea of ​​seeing the economy continue to be ruined and their hard work continued to be spat out through a government handout to college graduates, perhaps that was it Best point Cotton made is that the colleges themselves should be on the hook.

This is Ben Shapiro’s idea brought up for discussion some time ago when the left really started to jump on the “student loan forgiveness bandwagon” and said:

How about this: Instead of canceling everyone’s college debt, we’re forcing all the colleges that cheated millions of Americans into degrees in useless theory masquerading as valuable life skills to issue refunds. That would end the grip quickly.

Indeed it would. Universities would offer degrees that pay if they knew they were on the hook for students’ inability to pay the loans, or at least charge less than the gargantuan sums they currently charge.

But, of course, Team Biden seems intent on making the taxpayer foot the bill for handing out the most educated and theoretically privileged members of society, a clear slap in the face to hard-working members of the working class and those who responsibly pay their loans . Tom Cotton blasts student loan forgiveness and offers a great idea to keep woke universities in check

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