Tokyo has one of the coolest healing systems out there

A screenshot from Ghostwire: Tokyo showing the protagonist Akito firing a charged fire grenade at a pack "visitor," Enemies that look like humans without the physical body.

Ghostwire: Tokyothe cool new Tango Gameworks project about entertaining ghosts and fighting horrific humanoids managed to turn me off elden ring. It’s a nice reprieve. ghost wire isn’t nearly as hard as the latest from FromSoftware souls-how. So instead of roaming a vast, spooky open world and being absolutely decimated by melancholy monstrosities in Lands Between, I stalk the dark streets and narrow alleys of Tokyo, feeling evil and crushing enemies with spells flying from my fingertips. There’s still a challenge to be found here, though, and while I’m not ready to offer my full thoughts on Tango Gameworks’ new supernatural action RPG, I can say I’m not overly concerned if I can pull it off hung up. That’s because healing rules in this game!

Since it is an open world game, Ghostwire: Tokyo you can pick up healing items like dumpling skewers and strawberry desserts scattered around the spooky streets of Shibuya. You can also buy them from various shops operated by yokai necomata, two-tailed ghost cats that sleep suspended in mid-air. There is a limit to the number of consumables you can carry at one time – initially three – but this capacity can be increased up to 10 by leveling up a specific skill in the Equipment category. This is a godsend in combat encounters where you’ll likely blast through your consumables.

Of course, the healing items do the obvious to replenish your health. There are also some known as Spectral Foods that offer unique passive bonuses such as: B. temporarily increasing the power of a spell. Whether normal or spectral, all food and drinks have one crucial additional effect that I love about this game’s healing system: They increase your maximum life points. That’s right, simply by using consumables you permanently increase the amount of health that protagonist Akito has overall.

I love this because it does two things. The first has to do with how we play games, or rather how games have conditioned us to play them. What I mean is, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably hoarding a lot of your potions and other healing items, maybe envisioning a climactic boss fight where you could finally put them all to good use. When you roll a game’s credits, you realize that those items you’ve been storing, while useful, have gone unused for a number of reasons. You can usually do that in Ghostwire: Tokyoalso hold consumables indefinitely. But since healing items also increase your life points, you should always eat snacks when you don’t have full health. Not only will you regain some health, but you’ll also deepen your overall health pool. Cute!

Secondly, this nice little system incentives to play more aggressively and maybe experiment with different gear and spells as well. Sorry fight in ghost wire can be boring and tiring. The enemies aren’t that smart and will attack you head-on most of the time instead of being strategic to force you to mix things up. But by giving you health and increasing the health bar, healing items encourage you to take that risk by charging the slow but powerful fire grenade or using some other risky tactic. Or if you want to jump in their face, you can do so without worrying too much about biting the dust thanks to the game’s many magical, health-restoring, and health-boosting foods. Go ahead, grab a snack and stay alive!

Using healing items is also not the only way to increase your maximum health points. Similar to other action RPGs, level up Ghostwire: Tokyo is another way to pump up your HP. But incorporating the concept of improving your overall health into the actual mechanics of self-healing is a cool idea that I’ve never seen before. And it’s something I hope more games try to implement in the future. Not all Ghostwire: TokyoThe systems of workbut the way it handles healing definitely does. Tokyo has one of the coolest healing systems out there

Curtis Crabtree

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