Today’s NBA DFS Optimized Lineup Picks for DraftKings & FanDuel

A massive 13-game standings before Thanksgiving on Wednesday night offers seemingly endless options for NBA DFS lineup building across the industry tonight. With most of the tournament going, some status question marks, and the up and down value of the pay spectrum, there’s a lot to unpack for this medium. Acquiring a mix of positively leveraged premium assets at both value and star levels is fundamental to success on a vehicle of this nature. Staying on top of things and reacting to changing situations both in squads and league leaderboards after the net is out is also an important aspect of winning on a night with the most totals. .

This space will always focus on the elements mentioned above, but we will occasionally call out plays that are over-owned, taking this opportunity to discuss potential turning points. With 13 board games, the focus is on some of the top overall games across the board. As always, the goal is to find the underrated players in optimal lineups in DraftKings and FanDuel NBA DFS . Prediction and simulation.

NBA DFS Optimizer Leverages Today’s Leaders

These selections are made using Boom / Bust . Tool, specifically analyzing the optimal squad ratio, leverage point, and burst probability. Optimal Squad Ratio represents how often a player appears on the optimal lineup in Awesemo’s simulated DraftKings NBA and FanDuel NBA entries. Leverage score is the difference between optimal squad ratio and expected ownership rate, while burst probability indicates a player’s ability to hit the ceiling. It’s important to remember that not all of these NBA DFS picks are the highlights, we’ll sometimes discuss games that are completely bad or have such strong negative leverage that they get displayed. bad in this space, so be sure to read the analysis and not just the headlines.

Josh Giddey: DraftKings – $6,600 – SG/SF | FanDuel – $6,000 – SG

With Shai Gilgeous-Alexander rescheduled tonight, rookie Josh Giddey is a highly relevant game on both sites. Giddey was one of the top players in his class through the first 17 games of his career, scoring 1.02 fantasy points per minute using 20.3% of the 29.4 minutes per night. Giddey has provided a 32% assist rate early in his career, although he has struggled with his shot so far, only scoring 45.2% of his shot. By his valuation, Giddey is a strong play from mid-range across both positions tonight. He stands out for better value in terms of FanDuel, but that is also attracting more attention, while he creates positive leverage and has better playability across town.

On DraftKings draft vehicle, Giddey costs $6,600, but his strong versatility between shot protection and small forward, makes him a great choice to set apart squads. Rates are keeping some public ownership low, though landing third overall with an 18.7% optimal squad spawn rate, Giddey is delivering a leverage score of 4.0 . The public behind the curve on a player with an average projection of 35.5 points and 30.7% bursting point probability. The back mark is sixth on the slate, second among the small forwards and third among the shooting bodyguards. Giddey is predicted to account for only 14.7% of the public’s popularity. It’s worth paying mid-range minors to get the potential for a performance ceiling.

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Giddey is slightly different on the FanDuel board, though Giddey is worth considerable there as well. He may only be popular for shooting security on site, but his salary is down to $6,000 off the upper limit, which is gaining public attention. Giddey is predicted to have 34.6% public ownership while hitting 27.3 optimal formations in Awesemo’s simulated blocking vehicles for tonight, leaving him with a leverage score of -7.3 on webpage. Gaining his edge still seems worth it given the squad share, with its low cost and 41% breakout probability leading the leaderboard, but Giddey is part of the “good chalk” that still demands. ask the difference in lineups elsewhere. In fact, using him as a block builder will force the claim to be distinct in positions other than the extent to which the field is driving the issue.

Latest NBA DFS content

Mile Bridge: DraftKings – 7,800 USD – SF / PF | FanDuel – $8,200 – SF

With the Hornets and Magic playing one of the original higher-scoring games on the NBA DFS system, several players stand out with strong value and advantage. A number of inexpensive Orlando players are popping up with impressive optimal squad appearances on both sites while also garnering widespread popularity within the industry for their perceived value. These players are all solid building blocks, but there are also mid-to-highs and star-level plays on the other side of the game. Both LaMelo Ball and Mile Bridge featured as amusing plays from Charlotte’s side, with Bridge bringing in a variety of optimized formations that were simulated from site to site. He scored 1.07 fantasy points per minute in his first 19 games, averaging 36.9 minutes per night. That represents a huge jump from the 0.89-per-minute mark Bridges produced last year, which can in part be attributed to an increase in usage from 17% to 23%. Bridge has a 13.1% tectonic rate and a 9.2% bounce rate.

Bridges is trailing a prediction of 13.4% ownership on the FanDuel blocking medium, leaving him in negative leverage at -3.2 compared to his 10.2% optimal squad spawn rate that. He has an average projection of 38 points. He doesn’t stand out for bursting point probability, which stood at 15.9%, ranked 32nd overall on interception. To consider that ranking, the 10th highest score on the site is Christian Wood at 23.5%, so there isn’t a huge drop in rank from player to player at this level. The player is like a player who can be placed in the lineup at all levels of possession, using him for average predictions and hints on the available scoring potential, but he is not a player. Platform players to be valued at their optimal squad spawn rate.

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On the DraftKings leaderboard, Bridges is the eighth highest-ranked player in any position with a 12.2% optimal squad ratio. He fits in both striker positions on the site, adding considerable utility while having a price tag of only $7,800. Bridges has a 23.5% burst probability and an average prediction of 39 points on site, placing 24th and 13th overall in the categories. He is a solid player for a good price on this medium, although he falls into negative leverage, with an expected share of 14.9%, which puts him down at -2.7 in the leverage column. That sign looks very easy to play, setting Bridges’ steady probabilities to be around 40 imaginary points with the increase to more than his fair value.

Adam Scherer has even more on the Inner Bridge NBA DFS Deep Dive article today.

Orlando Magic

On the other side of the Hornets – Magic game, the Orlando youth team is providing key values ​​up and down the board, with Cole Anthony out again and Gary Harris inability to play. Those two join the roster of other Magic players who have been out of the game for longer, opening the door to a host of potential teammates and inexpensive prices. At the top of the DraftKings table, Franz Wagner and Jalen suggested are attracting great attention. Both have an optimal ratio of around 23% and both have slightly above 31% ownership, leaving both with negative leverage but equally valuable build. Wagner has 42.8% bursting point probability compared to his $3,900 salary in both forwards on DraftKings’ draft, while the Hint is a pricier but more capable option with a 44.2% burst point and salary $4,800 in both guard positions. They can be stacked together, but focusing on the difference from there will be important in any build. They are different options on the blue site, where they have an optimal rate of 13.5% for Wagner and 12.3% for Recommendations. Both players can be ranked on FanDuel, but they don’t stand out on the same level.

On both FanDuel and DraftKings, teammates Wendell Carter Jr. ranks high among all players in terms of his popularity, although he may be of questionable value due to the negative leverage created throughout the industry. Carter joined at an optimal 18% on FanDuel, but his 41.4% ownership prediction left him with negative leverage at -23.4. The gap is almost as deep on DraftKings draft vehicle, where he has a high payout at just $5,500, but his leverage is -21.1, with an optimal 17.8% and public exposure rate is 38.9%. On such a large intercept, it might pay to think about other directions for value at the location. He has the opposite view, but other options are slated for similar production.

One of them could be a teammate Mo Bamba, though he’s also coming in with negative leverage at -6.4 on FanDuel and -6.9 on DraftKings. Bamba has a higher gain with an average projection of 36.5 and a 32.3% burst probability with $6,800 just in the center on FanDuel, while standing at a projected 35.7 with 34.9% bursting point probability on DraftKings. For about half of the overall ownership as Carter, Bamba is worth paying if it’s focused on the Magic’s big teams tonight. So far in the season, Bamba has scored 1.09 fantasy points per minute on a 54% correct spin with a 10.2% assist rate and a 13.6% bounce rate.

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