Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is twice the fun on Hard difficulty

A tombborn casts a spell on a skeleton in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

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border areas Games aren’t exactly known for being challenging. Even if you turned up the heat you wouldn’t get one harder Game. You would just get a more tedious one, the many spherical sponges just become more spherical sponges. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland eliminates all of that by adding a really interesting crease to the hardest difficulty.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, which released last week for PC, Xbox and PlayStation, is a fantasy-themed spin-off of Gearbox’s gritty, raunchy loot shooter series. Adjust completely in one round Bunkers and Badasses-the border areas-universe version of Dungeons and Dragons– it revises the series blueprint by getting rid of vehicles and adding legitimate melee weapons.

you can play Tiny Tina’s Wonderland on one of three difficulty levels: relaxed (light): balanced (medium) and intensive (heavy). You can switch between them on the fly by opening the playing style Menu. If you take it easy, the change will take effect immediately. However, if you make it too intense, you won’t see any change until you load into a new zone.

One recommendation: play Tiny Tina’s Wonderland on intense.

With Intense, you take 15 percent more damage while enemies have 15 percent more health, all in exchange for a 15 percent increase in your gold earnings. (Yes, wonderland still takes place partly according to the same ball-and-sponge rules as higher levels of difficulty border areas past.) But it also requires you to watch out for elemental weaknesses. The game’s flavor text states that it’s “more important” to pay attention to such things, although it’s not entirely clear to what extent the damage values ​​are adjusted. (Gearbox reps didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.) However, I’ve found that making sure I have the right gear is a lot easier. Enemies seem to be significantly more resistant to ammo types that aren’t particularly effective.

As a result, I’ve found that since I’ve increased the difficulty, I’ve made more use of the game’s actual systems rather than shooting blind. I actually pay attention to the elements of the weapons I equip, equip firearms to reduce red health bars, electric weapons to take out blue shield bars, caustic weapons to destroy yellow armor bars, and ice weapons when going against the gray bone bars . a classification of health that is new to wonderland.

Initially, you can only equip three weapons – two weapons and one melee item – so the Intense difficulty is a bit more viable once you open up an additional weapon slot, saving you from having to constantly jump into your inventory and shuffle around gear. Having four different slots pretty much covers all your bases in terms of what items you need to equip.

I started Tiny Tina’s Wonderland on the default balanced setting because the game recommends it. But since I set the difficulty to intense, I’ve found the firefights wonderland are much more appealing. If you feel the slog in the grind, give it a try. Besides, what’s the harm? You can switch it back at any time. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is twice the fun on Hard difficulty

Curtis Crabtree

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