Tim Robinson’s show is still great

I think you should go with Tim Robinson is a show that grows on you. Robinson’s Truly Insane Sketch Comedy Show isn’t just a watch series, it’s one that gets under your skin and becomes part of our cultural lexicon until years later we’re still publishing Karl Havoc or pictures Ruben Rabasa say, “You don’t have any good ideas for a car.” For those of us in love i think you should go, i think you should go is the I Ching. i think you should go is the sum of all wisdom. i think you should go is the answer to every question. Sketches like “Coffin Flop” and “Hot Dog Car Hit and Run” are instantly funny, but even those that don’t work so well the first time become funnier over time. Tim Robinson brings us back to the time of Key & Peele And Chappelle’s showwhen a sketch could swamp our culture and only get bigger.

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Season 3 of I think you should go with Tim Robinson continues the absurdity of Robinson’s mind with more sketches full of screams, wild turns that were never predictable, and brilliant lines that we’ll likely be quoting through season four (and beyond). But it’s also difficult to review a show like this ITYSL, a series whose sketches only get funnier as time goes on, especially as the internet is flooded with those who will become the next Bart Harley Jarvis or Crashmore. In its third season i think you should go is just as off-kilter and hilarious as ever, proving that there are few things in this world funnier than watching Tim Robinson lose his friggin’ mind for us to enjoy.

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Tim Robinson makes every “I think you should go” sketch a joy

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Of course the best parts of i think you should go revolves around Robinson and his manic energy that causes every segment – hell, even every sentence – to end in unexpected ways. While a skit isn’t necessarily the funniest concept (which is certainly rare), Robinson’s portrayal of the scene makes it a success. Robinson and co-creators Zach Kanin created an absurd world, and in Robinson we are given an equally absurd guide through every ridiculous idea.

As with previous seasons, Season 3 has an excellent cast of guest stars, but they almost always work best when working with Robinson rather than taking the reins of a skit. Most of the time, these cameo appearances seem like a sketch written for Robinson, but someone else takes its place. For example, there are features in the first episode fred armies He tries to deal with his unruly children by making a video of him beating up another child to keep them under control. It’s not a bad track by any means, and Armisen is good, but it feels like a track made for Robinson that was gifted to Armisen instead.

Some of these actors who have cameo appearances fit well into the Robinson role. Tim Meadows is a nice surprise in a skit that feels like the most absurd thing he’s done since his day Saturday night liveAnd want forte Of course, it’s the perfect Robinson replacement one could wish for. Yet these cameos are at their best when Robinson is also in the cast, as in the fifth episode, where Jason Schwartzman plays a gorgeous straight man to Robinson’s disgruntled character. But even if Robinson is more of a straight man to another actor, as he is when working with the excellent ITYSL All Star Biff Wiffor is crazy about Conner O’Malley In the final skit of the season, Robinson’s involvement makes all the difference. There is at least one skit in every episode where Robinson is missing, and while those parts are still pretty humorous, they’re almost consistently the worst skit in every episode.

“I think you should go” is always unexpected and always crazy

I think you should go to the Season 3 desk with Tim Robinson
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It also remains awesome how wild everyone is i think you should go The sketch reveals itself as given its beginning it would be nearly impossible to guess how a section will end. Again, Robinsons and Kanin’s thoughts are genuinely ridiculous, and it’s almost remarkable how they can start at point A and end at the wildest point B imaginable. It’s almost as if they break the conventional structure of a comedy sketch and show that once the punch line has been shared, the ending doesn’t matter (a note that… SNL could probably learn). part of ITYSLThe beauty of this is the unforeseen way things unfold, from the way Robinson says a certain line to the crazy conclusions of these sketches.

So which of this new batch of sketches will be the next big thing? Well, Episode 4 is arguably the most consistent of the new season, including a great new one Sam Richardson Bit, the aforementioned Biff Wiff cameo and an opportunity for Robinson to get delightfully confused in a section about a hair loss pill. Episode 2 has an article about a dog door that fits the tone of Coffin Flop and the question “Has This Ever Happened to You?” parts that are similarly insane, while the Schwartzman sketch is one of the longest of the season and the part enough time to develop and reach extreme and stormy heights. As wacky as these concepts are, it’s often enough to make a sketch really great when Robinson completely loses his mind in the way we all love.

I think you should go with Tim Robinson Season 3 is still the absolute banana shit show and to date the funniest sketch show out there. Robinson and Kanin show no signs of slowing down i think you should goquality to continue presenting the wildest and most hilarious concepts imaginable. After watching this season, it’s hard not to start from scratch and watch it again right away. i think you should go is absurdity at its most brilliant, and thankfully, Robinson and Kanin have given us a terrific harvest that doesn’t need goosebumps.

Evaluation: A-

I think you should go with Tim Robinson Season 3 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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