TikTok users turn the ‘alpha male’ podcast into a viral joke

TikTok creators are responding to sexist podcast hosts who describe themselves as “alpha male” by parodying their content in a viral new trend.

Elsa Lakew was one of the first to tend to post videos with the “Be bearded Cutie” filter. The filter provides users with bold, defined brows, a septum piercing, and well-trimmed beards.

“Someone said if you don’t like the male version of yourself, you should humble yourself,” Lakew said in a video that has more than 14 million views. “But [expletive], if I looked like this, I would start a podcast. … You know what women can’t do? ”

Lakew’s decision to make the video stemmed from her frustration with the numerous podcasts that promote the so-called “alpha male” lifestyle, which encourages men to attempt to establish social dominance through sex. rampage based The theory has now been revealed about the Wolfpack hierarchy.

Common themes include aggressively pursuing women despite consent, treating relationships as transactional, and basing women’s values ​​on their usual attractiveness – discarding them only when they age or gain weight. Many self-described “high-value men” or “alpha men” refer to women as “women”.

“It feels like a new video clip is going around every week of some guy spraying some shit at women,” Lakew told NBC News. “I’m pretty fed up with it. And so when I saw that filter on TikTok and used it, I immediately thought of these podcasts. … Since we can’t logically fight illogical sentences, parodying them is the next best thing. ”

Other creators quickly began piecing together Lakew’s videos by using a beard filter to quote the absurd statements commonly found in the “alpha male” podcast. TikTok tags like #alphamale, which has 619.6 million views, and #highvalueman, which has 119.3 million views, have been widely boasted by men about degrading women. Now they are surpassed by parody videos.

Male toxic podcasters often face some backlash from women online, but the collective frustration that has exploded has become a TikTok-wide trend this year. Comedy has become an outlet in response to baseless sexist claims.

In a recent video, Australian singer Peach PRC mocked the toxic mentality many “alpha male” podcast hosts embody.

“If you become a disobedient woman, I will go on a rampage,” she said, using Australian slang for childish tantrums. “I have a podcast. It’s relatively successful, 37 listeners a week. And what I’m bringing in is that. What are you bringing? Stretch marks.”

The video may seem absurd, but it reflects the factual claims of male podcasters. In response to a commenter claiming “never has anyone said anything remotely close” to what’s in her video, Peach PRC posted a next TikTok video interspersed her parody quotes with jokes from actual broadcasters.

Lakew said she hasn’t “closely watched” any hate from men in response to the trend she helped start. Instead, she was encouraged by reactions from similarly depressed women.

“Overall, duets for my videos and all videos have appeared on my FYP [For You Page] Lake said. “And that’s the only answer that really matters to me.”

This trend reflects the absurd claims that false podcasters endorse. TikTok users have countered the server’s outdated values ​​by applying the same irrational expectations to men.

This type of ‘alpha male’ is easy to imitate because they don’t want to say a lot of nonsense and harmful things. We wanted to show how ridiculous they sound. ”

tiktok creator and comedian hayley hirsch

“This type of ‘alpha male’ is easy to imitate because they don’t like to say too much nonsense and harmful things,” said Hayley Hirsch, creator of TikTok. “We wanted to show how ridiculous they sound.”

Hirsch posts one-man skits on TikTok, acting different characters. Hers videotapes parody of crypto-obsessed male podcast hosts with over 6 million views. She said, as a female comedian, she used to be the target of hate by men. “It’s almost like a reflex to some of these guys,” she said.

“The people online who mocked them didn’t even have to twist these men’s words much to make it funny,” Hirsch said. “I think we’ve all grown tired of this ‘alpha male’ with huge platforms.”

Many podcaster creators say “alpha male” holds women to an unattainable standard of beauty, such as believing that women “decrease in value” if they gain weight during sex or after pregnancy. pregnant.

TikTok creators Kimber Springs and Lilly Brown post a video satirizing the “alpha male” mentality with a podcast for “high-value women.” In a recent video, they emphasize that men should “put more effort into keeping their hair in place,” although like weight change, hair loss is a natural part of the aging process.

“With every hair loss, I’m less and less attracted to you,” Springs said in the skit, mimicking what toxic male podcasts have said about weight. “If you start going bald after we get married, it happens too often, if you’re going to let that happen, I don’t know if I can stay.”

Springs describes mocking “alpha male” values ​​as “empowering”. It sheds light on how ridiculous such values ​​are, and it provides a platform for “responding to outdated ideas that frequently persist through podcasting.”

“Instead of giving their complaints and half-baked ideas to a therapist, they use podcasts to spread hateful, hateful messages about women and gender roles,” says Springs. “It’s the inaugural season on misogyny in 2022!”

Explaining men who hold such values, they say, has been largely unsuccessful, so the creators have turned to mock them.

TikTok creator, Drew Afualo, has built an audience of 5.6 million followers by responding to videos of objections by violently pulling on his hairstyle, outfit, and appearance. thermos.

The creators who use the trend to respond to misogyny are also fighting fires. Persuading “alpha male” zealots to change their ways through productive conversation may be futile, but publicly vilifying them as an online joke at least unites women on TikTok.

“I think comedy is a great tool to reflect on the absurdity of society, especially when these types of ‘alpha males’ claim to speak so objectively,” Hirsch said. We basically tell them, ‘No, you really don’t have that power. Your opinion is not scientific fact. On top of that, you sound ridiculous.”

https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/viral/tiktok-users-turn-alpha-male-podcasters-viral-joke-rcna13999 TikTok users turn the ‘alpha male’ podcast into a viral joke

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