TikTok user Gabbie Egan, who gave birth when she was 13, shares the question she gets asked the most

A woman who had a baby when she was just 13 has revealed what life was like when she was a child herself.

Gabbie Egan, now 22, has garnered a huge following by sharing daily TikTok videos of her and her family.

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And the American mother-of-four — with two kids of her own and two stepkids — gets asked the same question over and over again: “Wait, you had a kid when you were 13 — what’s up?”

“I feel like every year I have to face the fact that I had my son when I was only 13,” Egan told her 4.2 million TikTok followers.

Egan found out she was pregnant after dating “that 16-year-old” as a “naive” 13-year-old.

Gabbie Egan opened up about raising a baby at 13. Credit: Instagram/@bbyegan

The father is no longer in the picture and Egan has since married her current husband, Cody.

The mother showed two photos of her and her son.

“This is a picture of my son and I in 2014. In this photo I was 13 and he was a newborn,” she said before moving on to the second image.

“And now this is me and my son. I’m 22 and he’ll be nine next month.”

Gabbie shared a photo of her aged 13 with her newborn son with her viewers. Credit: TikTok/@bbyegan_

Egan explained that she and her son, who grew up together, wore braces at the same time.

“My son needs two rounds of braces. He just got his first round of braces off, we got them around the same time,” she said.

In a previous video, she answers frequently asked questions.

“How did you get pregnant so young?” she said was the first question people usually asked.

“I ate a rotten apple and swallowed the core – and since then my life has ended.”

Egan, who lives in Ohio and has sole custody of her son, says another common question is, “Did giving birth at 13 hurt?”

“I think giving birth at any age hurts — which kinda sucks,” she said.

“But I had a c-section when I was 13 and it wasn’t that bad.”

The mother-of-four revealed how she and her son look now. Credit: TikTok/@bbyegan_

The next question relates to whether the father is still involved – he is not.

“He lives halfway up the country in Texas,” she said, further explaining that he only visits once a year.

The mother explained that she had no childhood and does not receive child support.

“How did I graduate from high school,” she said, was the next question that intrigued people.

“Well, I just kept going to damn school and got a job to pay for daycare while I was at damn school.

“Don’t be a teen mom!”

Gabbie revealed the most common questions she’s been asked. Credit: TikTok/@bbyegan_

The mum has received plenty of praise after speaking out about her experience and not “romanticizing” the teenage pregnancy.

“Thanks for telling the truth,” said one person.

“I see so many people romanticizing teenage pregnancy. But I’m proud of you – keep it up.”

Another commented: “It’s not easy at any age. And to be honest, you’re more mature than most people.”

“You all grew up together,” wrote a third person.

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The little girl’s “clumsiness” was a rare brain tumor.

The little girl’s “clumsiness” was a rare brain tumor.

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