TikTok grandma Droniak declares funeral ban for friend

Grandma Droniak is not a fan of Bertha!

The famous TikTok grandma has made this clear several times in various TikTok videos in the past and recently reminded all her Instagram followers that Bertha is not invited to her funeral.

Grandma Droniak has serious problems with Bertha!

She’s said it more than once in the past, but reminded her Instagram followers that in a recent Instagram story, Bertha isn’t her friend. The story showed her dancing in front of a text message from the unwelcome Bertha.

Grandma Droniak
Grandma Droniak – Instagram story

From the look of the text, Bertha wants to do everything right… whatever “things” might be. It appears she reached out to TikTok’s beloved grandma to ask why she’s not invited to her funeral, claiming the issues the two had in the past date back many years. To sweeten the invitation to the conversation, Bertha said that Grandma Droniak was invited to her funeral in case she happened to die before her. (Do we all have that to look forward to later in life β€” deciding who is worthy of attending our funerals?)

The little dance Grandma Droniak did before texting might indicate that she cares no less about this invitation and has no intention of replying to Bertha. But why, you might ask?

The drama between these two is intense and long lasting

If you follow the spunky granny on Instagram, you might remember her birthday cake from a week ago. Curious people wanted to know why Grandma Droniak despises Bertha so much.

Grandma Droniak's birthday cake
Grandma Droniak – Instagram

As a new follower of the hilarious 94-year-old, I did a little research to see what all the hate is about so you don’t have to. In a March 2022 TikTok video pinned to the top of her feed, Grandma Droniak shares her list of rules for her funeral.

“Cry, but not too much. Bertha is not invited. Get drunk afterwards,” are their rules. In the video, she explains each of these rules. When she comes to Bertha, who hasn’t been invited, she just says: “Bertha hasn’t been invited. Don’t let them in.”

The quick and easy video garnered more than 39 million views and sparked more interest in the Bertha situation.

One follower wrote in the comments of the video: “We need a storytime on Bertha please!!! Who is she and why isn’t she invited!?”

More than 289,000 people liked this comment, so Grandma Droniak couldn’t avoid the topic. She responded to the request, “That’s all I’m going to say about her because I bet she’s going to love this attention I’m giving her,” adding a video response.

She started the answer video by saying that she doesn’t talk about people behind their backs or gossip about anyone and she doesn’t want to start now.

“But I’ll tell you one thing. I took Bertha out of my life for a long time,” she said. “She wasn’t a good person.”

Then the bomb was dropped. “She tried to talk to my husband and I didn’t like that either because she’s a troublemaker,” she said adamantly. Her reasons continued after that damn revelation.

β€œShe tried to copy what I wear, she had to wear it too. Now she knows I’m a celebrity and gets jealous because I stay away from her,” she explained.

Grandma Droniak then reminded everyone that Bertha shouldn’t be at her funeral and if she shows up, “Throw her out.”

Grandma Droniak’s followers stand behind her

Grandma Droniak
Grandma Droniak – Instagram

Many of Oma Droniak’s followers left their thoughts on the situation.

“Bertha is cancelled,” wrote one person. Another added: “I don’t want to be Bertha right now.”

Another follower made it clear that there is power in numbers and when Bertha shows up for Grandma’s funeral, they got the hang of it and said, “So we all jump on Bertha when she shows up.” With 18,000 likes for this comment I would like Bertha might consider staying in her lane and away from the funeral.

One follower said we could all relate to this tea, “We all have a Bertha in our lives.” Another person said they needed to hear Bertha’s side of this story.

Will we ever get to know Bertha’s side of the story? Doubtful. Also doubtful…that we last heard about the war between Oma Droniak and Bertha.

https://theblast.com/469860/grandma-droniak-spills-the-tea-on-why-bertha-is-not-invited-to-her-funeral/ TikTok grandma Droniak declares funeral ban for friend

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