TikTok doctor Samuel Choudhury shares why you should never sit or lie on the beach without a towel

Warning: Graphic content

A doctor has explained why beachgoers should never sit or lie on the sand without a towel.

dr Samuel Choudhury from Singapore has created a miniseries on the subject tick tock titled New Fear Unlocked, in which he discusses intriguing medical cases from around the world.

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WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Doctor’s warning about the beach.

In one of his latest videos, the GP shared a harrowing story about US teenager Michael Dumas, whose foot contracted a parasite called hookworm after his friends buried it in the sand.

“Do you like going to the beach? That’s why I don’t like sitting or lying on the sand without a mat,” explained Dr. Choudhury.

The GP said the then 17-year-old was returning home after a typical day out with friends when things worsened.

dr Samuel Choudhury told a harrowing story about US teenager Michael Dumas (left) buried in the sand. Credit: dr Samuel Choudhury

“That’s when the nightmares started,” he explained.

“That night Michael started complaining of itching. At first he dismissed it as an ear infection, but the symptoms only got worse.

“He started to feel more lethargic and developed rashes.”

As the rash progressively spread to his legs, leaving gaping sores on his feet, the teenager was taken to hospital, where he was told hookworms were living under his skin.

Michael has been diagnosed cutaneous larva migransa parasitic skin infection caused by hookworm larvae.

“But this is not a normal human hookworm,” warned Dr. Choudhury.

“This hookworm comes from dogs. Dogs that carry hookworm transmit the worm to the sand on the floor when they defecate. And when you step on contaminated soil, the worm penetrates your skin.

“However, since it is a dark hookworm and we are not suitable hosts, the worm does not migrate to our intestines, but remains in the skin and tears off there.”

dr Choudhury said the teen’s foot became infected with a parasite called hookworm after spending a day at the beach with friends. Credit: dr Samuel Choudhury

The medical expert says there is an easy way to find the worm under the skin.

“There’s a trail that the worm makes, and usually at the end of the trail you find the worm,” he said.

When Michael “completely sank into the sand,” said Dr. Choudhury: “You can only imagine how many parts of his body were affected.”

“Don’t worry, he made a full recovery with some antiparasitic medication.

“But at least you know now.”

In a warning to all beachgoers, the GP said: “Next time, just be careful where you step on the beach, where you sit or lie.”

“Bring a mat, some good slippers and sunscreen and you’ll be fine.”

“Big New Fear”

His video has been viewed more than 12.1 million times – many horrified by the disturbing revelation.

“I always tell my husband the sand isn’t clean and he repels me – now I have proof that I’m right,” said one woman, laughing.

Another suggested: “Dude. Watching your channel makes me afraid of the outside world… And in this case, I feel guilty.”

One confessed, “I don’t like sand but this just took it to the next level.”

While one asked, “But can timely and thorough bathing help?” To which Dr. Choudhury: “It doesn’t take long for the larvae to penetrate the skin — 30 minutes to six hours.”

“Hence, the effectiveness of bathing is limited.”

“I could see it moving”

Meanwhile, many shared stories about her encounter with the horror hookworm.

“My best friend had this…she just felt the sand with her feet and then it happened, I could see it moving in her foot,” revealed one woman.

Another added: “This happened to my husband on our honeymoon while playing volleyball. He got rashes on his feet and hands.”

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