This Tears Of The Kingdom “Air Bike” starts a revolution

With a game as expansive and malleable as Tears of the Kingdomthere are countless ways to solve puzzles, traverse the environment, defeat enemies or just have fun. Since the game has only been out for a few weeks, players are still discovering unique gadgets, and one that is gaining popularity is not only incredibly effective, but also quite easy to craft. Introducing the “Airbike”.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers a surprising combination of crafting and physics systems. And with Link’s new Ultrahand ability, players can combine all kinds of items that interact with each other using simulated forces like weight and propulsion. The game also has a massive open world, so imaginative new ways to get around more efficiently will definitely come in handy. One of the latest products from the gaming genius requires nothing more than two fans and a joystick snapped together in just the right arrangement to create an airbike that lets you fly through the skies or get from point A to point B with little fuss . And since the core components are fairly plentiful, this is a reliable and easy-to-manufacture device.

Tears of the KingdomThe Air Bike is an evolution of similar designs

However, the airbike has increasingly gained attention Twitter And tick tockI first saw the build’s page on the 2uncle2dane YouTube channel, where gaming YouTuber Uncle Dane explains at length the advantages of this remarkably simple build, especially over those of the “Goblin glider“This is also a popular device and requires the same components.

Nintendo / 2uncle2dane

As you can see from the video, this device has a number of clear advantages: it doesn’t tip over easily; it is excellent for transporting koroks; And it even makes exploring the deep a breeze when you toss a bright flowering seed on the front of the bike to light up the place.

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As the video also shows, fans and joysticks are very easy to get. You probably already have a lot of these in your inventory. And while making the bikes requires a bit of fiddling at first, perhaps the only challenge to getting the most out of the vehicle is making sure you have enough batteries Make a trip last more than a few moments.

how to do that Tears of the Kingdom air bike

Build an air bike DeadK is fairly easy, although it may take you a few tries to get everything in line. As documented on the 2uncle2dane channel, you first need to find a flat surface to work on. Then drop two fans and your joystick. One of the places to find fans is at the Zonai Dispenser near Jirutagumac Shrine (which you can find). mentioned in this guide) and steering sticks can be found in the dispenser near the Mayam Shrine, which you can activate while doing so grab all pieces of the Glide armor set.

Place a fan drive side down flat on the floor. Then stand in front of it and use your ultrahand to hold the stick in front of the wheel so the front of the stick is facing you. Flip it back a bit by holding R and pressing the D-Pad up and glue it to the top lip of the fan, making a wide V-shape.

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The stick should be sticking up in the air and you should see the Ride prompt appear as you walk near it (if it’s not placed quite correctly you may find yourself clipping when attempting to ride the Airbike become what That may not be ideal).

Then take your second wheel and glue it to the front of the stick, also straight down but slightly higher than the rear fan.

Once everything is assembled you should be able to level up and in no time you’ll be able to start floating around with ease. Like most devices with downward fans, the airbike tends to go up. That’s fine. In order to advance you have to push the left stick up to send the airflow behind you (like you would in many other games with a helicopter) propelling you forward without gaining too much altitude.

And since ultrahanding isn’t a precise science, it’s more than likely that you’ll end up with a bike that pulls a little left or right. This is relatively easy to compensate for by making gentle in-flight adjustments to the L-Stick. If your bike pulls a little too much to one side, give it some room to breathe before adjusting direction. Otherwise, you’ll have to disassemble the bike to fix it when it’s beyond manageable – and considering it’s only three parts, that’s not too onerous a task. And if you’ve picked up the game’s autobuild ability, once you’ve built a decent bike, you can save it to your favorites to rebuild at any time without much hassle, provided you have the resources.

You may want to attach a large battery to the front fan to increase its mileage. Be aware, however, that this will affect the bike’s center of gravity, meaning you’ll need to make a little more course corrections when drifting.

Tears of the Kingdom offers an impressive array of items and gadgets that you can assemble with Ultrahand. But as the Airbike shows, simplicity is often perfection.

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