This new Marvel Snap location is a guaranteed bad time

Thanos sheds a tear for his lost hobgoblin.

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Just as I was about to settle down for my long hibernation and play a shitton Marvel snapthe Hit mobile card game has just put its worst location to date into a heavy rotation. Vorme is where things are dying, including my sanity thanks to some brutal slowdowns and quirky bugs.

Marvel snap recently unleashed the Winterverse full of fun, festive new map variants, and new shop packs for those players who have carefully hoarded their hard-earned gold. It’s good. I have fun. I want to get the card with Sunspot relaxing in Icelandic hot spring. But last night, Vormir appeared, a new location that destroys the first map played there for both sides. This is bad. i don’t love it In fact, Vormir might as well have pissed in my eggnog.

For those who don’t know Vormir, it’s a distant planet where Thanos murdered Gamora to get the Red Skull’s Soul Stone Avengers: Infinity War. Channel this energy Marvel snap, the new site with a 40 percent appearance rate through Thursday requires a sacrifice. The first card played there on either side is destroyed. Oh, if only it were that easy.

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While that would be enough to qualify it as one of the most annoying Marvel snap Locations In my book, the real catch with Vormir – which is very similar to the French word vomir, meaning “to vomit” – is that the animations can often take forever and things don’t always go as you expect. “Why every Vormir animation is 20 seconds long,” snarled one player on the Marvel Snap Discord. You are not wrong.

kotaku Alyssa Mercante, the resident’s Gabaghoul, said she thought her phone would explode after trying to play Sabretooth there (which returns to the player’s hand with a new energy cost of zero after it’s destroyed). Meanwhile, Vormir locked our social media editor Jeb Biggart’s iPhone, force him to completely quit and restart the game. I even made Vormir appear twice in a single game. no thanks friends And even when Marvel snap doesn’t get hung up on Vormir’s animations and calculations, but does some… weird stuff.

Snap players are the Sir Isaac Newtons of their day, and they fucking love it test each new location with Green Goblin and Hobgoblin. You might think that if you’re the one playing the mischievous Five Energy Devil, that wouldn’t count towards the opposing player’s Vormir sacrifice requirements. But you would be wrong. Many goblins have perished this way in the name of science.

There are of course cool things to do with Vormir. If it’s not bugged by Phantom Iron Fists, or if it makes you think it’s already proc’ed because the words are no longer highlighted, you can drop Electro. The card gives you plus a maximum energy, but prevents you from playing more than one card per turn. Unless it dies. Speak by offering it to Vormir. Genius. Deadpool is too Totally OP and broken at this moment.

Just don’t expect Angel to fly out of your deck and take his place. This also seems to be bugged at the moment. Sorry idiots who love Vormir, Friday can’t come soon enough. This new Marvel Snap location is a guaranteed bad time

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