This major GOP number just popped up in favor of deadline limits

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Governor DeSantis, Florida’s staunch conservative governor, has just come out in favor of populism’s main priority: term limits.

Speaking on the issue of term limits for school board members, DeSantis decided to expand on who he would talk about and continued his excellent monologue on why term limits are needed at all. all levels. See him here:

As you can hear, DeSantis begins by talking only about term limits for school board members, saying:

Term limits on school boards – I strongly believe in term limits. I think it should be eight years, two terms.

They made three provisions, you know, I mean – that – that’s fine, and I’m not going to veto the bill just about that, but if it’s a stand-alone measure, I’m going to insist – with only two terms for school board members because I think that’s enough time for you to go, serve, get the job done. ”

Then, continuing to discuss the idea of ​​limiting the term but expanding it to the topic of state legislators, DeSantis said he supported the idea but later also described why it was. may be difficult to get through the legislature, saying:

“Honestly, you know, you mentioned losing some of these legislators, I’m a big believer in term limits. I think what a term limit is, you know, it tells the legislators your time is limited, you go in – leave the legacy. Instead, in Washington, where they have no deadlines, what is the incentive to do so?

“The impetus for them is to get elected and stay there for as long as possible and stay there for decades, create these little kingdoms, and it’s all about going back. And I think, like someone like [indecipherable] When he knew he was going to be a speaker for two years, he built a legislative portfolio that led to it, and he knew he had to accomplish the big things he wanted to get done.

He won’t – he won’t be a speaker for 10 years or 15 years. I think that’s good for what it does – it’s more focused on substantive achievements than trying for the next election. So I strongly believe in term limits... ”

Then, after describing the benefits of term limits at the state level, DeSantis once again expanded on who he thought was subject to term limits, this time to lawmakers in D.C. , again says:

[…]You know, Florida works much better than DC, what – what can DC do? And–and one of the things I said was that if I could wave a magic wand, I would do a few things, but one of them was term limits on members of Congress. ”

Describing the potential benefits of term limits for Congress, DeSantis later said:

If we could limit the term of members of Congress, you could bring your blood, you could come up with new ideas, people would be motivated to go and say I might only have three During my tenure in the US House of Representatives, I wanted to get something done, instead of doing what they were actually going to do – a big deal just in terms of how they do business. “

DeSantis has a point. While critics argue that term limits exhaust experienced member legislatures, DeSantis and team term limits may be right when those limits will incentivize members. accomplish something instead of just staying in Congress to become a member of Congress.

Either way, DeSantis can understand that the populists are heavily behind the measure and are trying to draw them to his side in preparation for the 2024 presidential run. This major GOP number just popped up in favor of deadline limits

Jake Nichol

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