This is the strangest alternate version of Spider-Man in Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has been weaving his web for 60 years, and during that time various other people have taken on the role. There’s Miles Morales, the star of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verseand the coming Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. There’s Cindy Moon, the sensational silk. Even Spider-Man clones Ben Reilly and Kaine got into the action (it’s a very complicated story). As the Spider-Verse concept has grown in popularity over the years, comic book writers have had a chance to give Spider-Man their own interpretation – leading to the very disturbing concept of Spiders-Man.

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Who and what is Spiders-Man?

Spiders-Man Marvel Comics
Image via Marvel Comics

You probably know Spider-Man’s origin story by heart, whether you’ve read a comic or not. The bite of a radiation-infused spider grants Peter Parker superhuman abilities, which he uses to protect the innocent after his uncle Ben is killed by a burglar he is unable to stop. Spiders-Man’s origin story might not be as heartbreaking as the death of Uncle Ben, but it’s a lot more terrifying. On Earth-11580, Peter Parker visits Horizon Labs with his best friend Gwen Stacy, where they witness a spider colony being treated with radiation. This version of Peter falls into the colony and the spiders instantly devour him whole!

However, the colony also absorbs Peter’s memories and decides to fight crime as “Spiders-Man”. To that end, it hides the bulging mass of spiders that make up its body in a form-fitting red and blue suit. Spiders-Man’s mystery is revealed during a heated battle with the Green Goblin and his allies, when Jack-O’-Lantern learns the hard way that his arachnid-powered enemy isn’t entirely human. Although Spiders-Man manages to stop the goblin’s reign of terror, he eventually pushes Gwen away. Fate would give him another chance to embrace his heroic destiny.

What is Spider Geddon?

Spider-Geddon from Marvel Comics
Image via Marvel Comics

Spiders-Man is soon approached by the Spider-Man of Earth-616. (Unknown to him, this is Peter Parker’s nemesis Doctor Octopus in a cloned body, calling himself “Superior Spider-Man.”) Superior Spider-Man rallies other Spider-Humans to battle the mystical beings known as the “Inheritors” are known. Spidey and his spider-like allies fought the vampire creatures in the original spider verse Event she strands on a radioactive wasteland. However, the heirs had returned with a vengeance, necessitating the raising of a spider army.

Spiders-Man eventually meets another Spider-Man who also happens to be one of Peter Parker’s lifelong enemies: Norman Osborn. On Earth-44145, Osborn has assumed the role and powers of Spider-Man in place of the Green Goblin, but still remains the ruthless businessman that was his mainstream counterpart. He suggests stranding the Inheritors on Earth-616, much to Peter Parker Prime’s disgust. However, Spiders-Man agrees with Norman and decides to attack the web of life and destiny that holds the multiverse together. Eventually, the Inheritors are defeated, but Spiders-Man spreads several of his spiders throughout the multiverse and allies with Osborn to battle Superior Spider-Man.

What connection does Spiders-Man have to the Spider-Verse?

Spiders-Man from Marvel Comics
Image via Marvel Comics

Spiders-Man would soon engage in another multiversal battle, this time against the malevolent entity known as Shathra. Peter Parker Prime had previously fought her and she was caught in the web of life and fate until she was finally freed. Shathra begins corrupting spider people across the universe and severing the threads that bind them to reality. She even manages to cut Peter Prime’s connection to the internet, seemingly wiping him out! Although still alive, Peter had never been bitten by the spider that turned him into Spider-Man.

Eventually he becomes a world-renowned scientist and begins investigating a colony of radioactive spiders…that just so happens to be Spider-Man in disguise! While the other spiders battle Shathra, Spiders-Man helps Peter build a device that will reconnect him to the web. They eventually defeat Shathra and each spider returns to their respective universes.

Spiders-Man is possibly one of the most disturbing, but ultimately most interesting, concepts in the Spider-Verse. It remains to be seen if he will be there Across the spider verse or its forthcoming sequel Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Versebut there is definitely a goldmine waiting to be tapped with this character.

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse is in cinemas now.

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