This is the Daisy Jones and The Six character to cheer for

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Daisy Jones and The Six.The recently released miniseries Daisy Jones and the Six – based on the bestselling novel of the same name – is filled with deeply complex characters, each with their own weaknesses, but also admirable qualities that allowed us to get excited about their happy endings. However, one character stood out from the crowd because of his unwavering optimism and down-to-earth perspective. Drummer Warren Rojas (Sebastian Cha├žon) understood that despite some hardships of rock star performance, he and his bandmates were living a dream of a million. With his loyal nature, humble demeanor and sheer joie de vivre, Warren was always a breath of fresh air in the enormously talented but totally turbulent rock band.


Warren brings some much-needed cheer to Daisy Jones & The Six

Sebastian Chacon in Daisy Jones and the Six
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Everyone watching Daisy Jones and the Six can see that Warren possesses an innate joy that sets him apart from the rest of the group. When we meet the band in Episode 1, it’s clear that most of them are dealing with pretty intense emotions, both in their interviews and in the flashbacks to their younger selves. Today’s Billy (Sam Claflin) is stricken by a loss we are unaware of while his younger self (Dan Roe) already possesses the dreaded but crucial ego necessary to be a frontman. Eddie (Joshua Weisshaus) obviously envies Billy’s appeal and talent, and a teenage Graham (Sloane Letourneau) is suffering from a heartbreak that we know won’t be his last. Warren, on the other hand, starts off with a playful, “Let’s get this party started,” and that sentiment carries him through the series pretty well.

Warren almost always has a smile on his face during his interview moments and can always laugh at the drama, such as when the band tries to audition for new frontmen after Billy quits. Warren also tells the interviewer that when Billy first went into rehab and the band went on hiatus, Warren was just cleaning boats and doing drugs and obviously enjoying every minute of it. Even in difficult times, the drummer always seems to find a ray of hope.

Warren stands up for his friends

Sebastian Chacon, Riley Keough, Josh Whitehouse, Will Harrison in Daisy Jones and The Six
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Perhaps more important than his consistent positivity, Warren is an undeniably good friend. He’s often the first to speak words of encouragement and is a force of stability when things get tough for his bandmates. It is also worth noting that when his friends are involved in disputes, he always allows them to do what they need to do and only intervenes when his help is needed. When Billy and Graham (Will Harrison) confront her father in one of her early appearances, Warren is there with a supportive hand on his shoulder until Graham punches his father and has to be dragged away. later in Daisy Jones and the Six when Daisy confronts her husband Nicky (Gavin Dream) after their overdose, Warren stands protectively in front of his other bandmates and allows Daisy to say her part, but immediately steps in to defend Daisy when Nicky becomes physical.

While it’s not cool that Warren is sexualizing Daisy (Riley Keough), when she joins The Six, she calls him about his behavior and he cuts it off immediately. Not objectifying your buddies definitely won’t earn you a gold star, but Warren consistently proves himself to be Daisy’s friend from that point on. He makes them laugh in the studio when they screw up before recording, and he and Karen (Suki Waterhouse) support Daisy when she tells Billy Regret Me should be on her debut album – and we all know it’s tough to stand up to Billy.

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Sebastian Chacon offers a grounded perspective on “Daisy Jones & The Six.”

Sebastian Chacon and Lily Donoghue in Daisy Jones and The Six
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Warren had many endearing moments Daisy Jones and the Six, but perhaps his best comes in the series finale, when he tries to bring some much-needed perspective to his close friend Eddie. Throughout the show, Eddie is constantly jealous of Billy’s unofficial position as leader of the band. While it makes sense that he would be frustrated by Billy’s arrogant sense of authority, Eddie doesn’t seem to understand how lucky he is to even be a part of the band. However, Warren understands that he and his bandmates are incredibly lucky, and he’s not afraid to be honest with his friend and offer that perspective. Eddie talks about feeling like a “second-class citizen at a world-class resort,” while Warren is just happy to be at the metaphorical resort at all.

In the spirit of rock star vanity, though Daisy Jones and the Six shows us all what it means to be in a rock band requires a certain level of ego. Despite this, Warren has no shred of superiority and is sure to jump at any opportunity that membership of the band offers him. We watch as he takes his shot with an actress on SNL and eventually marries her, and we admire him as he absorbs every moment of his fame instead of worrying about not being the star. Warren wasn’t in the band for the limelight, but for the love of his friends and music. We can see his face decay in the season finale as he sits on the tour bus and realizes the days of The Six are over, but he also seems to respect his friends’ decision to leave. After the group broke up, Warren was content to work as a session drummer for other artists – including Daisy – because for him fame was just a side benefit of making great music.

As Daisy Jones and the Six Mainly about addiction and grief, it was important to show the struggles and triumphs of Warren’s bandmates, and how they dealt with their demons and the unexpected death of Camila (Camila Morrone). However, in a show that dealt with so much turmoil and heartbreak, Warren brought a much-needed lightness, and Sebastian Chacon infused him with such sincerity that by the show’s end, Warren feels like an old friend. As the series ends and he sails away on the Aurora, Warren reminds us that we need to appreciate the great moments for what they are, rather than mourn the fact that they can’t last forever. This is the Daisy Jones and The Six character to cheer for

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