This Diablo IV quest is a sexy, gross nightmare

Diablo IV, releasing June 5th for most major platforms, features a variety of side quests. The loot-hunting RPG has about 213 optional missions, half of which I haven’t seen in my short gameplay. But from the others I played during the Open beta mid-March and the review that was made in early May, there is a side quest that lives rent free in my mind.

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The latest entry in Blizzard’s loot-based RPG, Diablo IV tasks you with defeating Lilith, a succubus who has opened the gates of Hell to unleash her demonic army to establish her dominion over Sanctuary. It’s quite a rich tale of control and generational destinies, but as you uncover the truth about the bond you share with Queen Succubi, you’ll also meet characters desperate for help with their many, varied problems. This can range from the mundane, like gathering herbs to make a potion; to lavish ones, such as exorcising a demon that possessed several people in the religious capital of Kyovashad. One of these countless tasks is Unyielding Flesha side quest that you can tackle relatively early on and that left a lasting impression on me.

Diablo IVis the story of sadomasochism

A Diablo IV necromancer stands in front of skinless Feodor, who is suspended by chains.

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Hidden in the southeastern part of the map is Yelesna. It’s a small settlement, but there’s just enough – an armor merchant here, a blacksmith there, a stable master there – to turn it into a fast travel location once I activate its central waypoint. Krystyna is one of the few intrepid humans left in the city of stone and wood, wedged between hordes of ghouls, goblins, and other hellspawn. She is looking for her husband Feodor, who went out with another woman in the middle of the night. But she can’t find them and instead asks me if I’ll go to the decrepit forest to the east to track down the couple.

Leaving Yelesna and mowing every pile of garbage in my path with Krystyna in tow, I finally reach the forest, the last place the two were sighted. After some investigation I find Feodor hanging from chains, his flesh cut clean, his breathing labored. In front of his skinless body stands Yulia, the mysterious woman who hopes her “sweet Feodor” will find eternal bliss before fleeing deeper into the forest. After the organs are exposed, Feodor tells his wife that he experienced “such pleasure”. [and] such pain” and furiously barks for more brutality. Horrified, Krystyna then begs me to hunt down Yulia.

The Domina was a demon

I follow Yulia’s trail a little further east to a piece of forest. Surrounded by pools of blood and mounds of rotting flesh, Yulia says she was “given only what there is.” [Feodor] wanted,” and explained that she tore his petty soul with “torment and ecstasy.” Although she takes care of his gluttony and masochism, she cannot use his flesh in the ritual she devised because it is “unyielding”. However, she’s not done yet as she transforms into a hellbound demon to keep me from interfering with her plans. So begins a short 1v1 with the mini boss.

Diablo IV – Unyielding Flesh side quest.

Diablo IV – Unyielding Flesh side quest.

Yulia is the Hellbound Hello weak. With my Op Necromancer – and seven skeletons – I kill them in less than 10 seconds. She hardly fights back and I don’t think my character takes a single damage during the fight. It’s over as quickly as she transforms. So I make my way back to Krystyna, who – in more ways than one – is standing naked in front of her husband. Defeated and angered, she presents me with a reward: a rare bloody-barbed dagger that pierces Feodor’s chest, the same one Yulia used to skin his mutilated body. Then Krystyna just leaves. No goodbye.” No thanks.” No, “Let’s get you out of here, Feodor.” It’s just me, skinless Feodor, and a bloody dagger that’s significantly shoddier than my rare two-handed scythe.

“Unyielding Flesh” is a super short side quest in Diablo IV. The beginning and the end each last about five minutes. But despite its brevity, its extreme portrayal of sadomasochismor the giving and receiving of (often sexual) pleasure through acts that involve consensual humiliation and/or pain leaves an image I cannot erase from my mind. Even after completing the quest, Feodor is still alive, chained to some trees, gurgling in his blood and squirming for someone to punish him. It’s awful, but I can’t look away, knowing I let him rot there alone. I wish I could have saved him. Still, he probably prefers things the way they are.

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That’s the beauty of searching Diablo IV. The game is packed with intriguing stories and little narratives that will take you off the beaten path and bring to light strange and disturbing events in the world of Sanctuary. It’s easy to get lost in the web of stories the game tells. Something the AI ​​would love to try and do.

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