“This Country… Belongs to You!”: Trump delivers stirring speech on border security during CPAC

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Trump, in his stellar CPAC speech, boldly declared that 2022 is “years when millions of citizens daily stood up against leftist fascists.“Let’s hope he’s right.

Part of standing up “against the fascists of the left” means defending our borders, both to the south and to the north.

As Trump acknowledged in his speech, we cannot allow millions of people to spill over the border of the Rio Grande and the desert to our south, just as we cannot allow the tyranny that is currently in power. holds Canada in a grip that resembles spreading southward, obliterating America and her Founding Ideals under the jackboot of a leftist fighter.

Speaking of which, Trump boldly promised “We will finish the wall very quicklyRefers to the border wall he tried to build during his first term.

Then move on to protecting our borders and keeping America as America,” he said.My fellow Americans, this country doesn’t belong to the Radicals… it belongs to you. ”

Continuing with that defiant tone in the face of efforts to erase all that makes America the country we know (or at least know) and love, he said:

So, to all who think they can coerce and subdue the citizens of this land, hear me say these words tonight: the people of America will not surrender to our borders, we will not surrender our culture we will not surrender our beliefs we will not surrender our values ​​we will not surrender our history we will not surrender his freedom; and above all, we will not surrender to our children. ”

But while those were some of the boldest messages Trump delivered about the border in his CPAC speech, he also had other usual things to say about our borders and the left-wing. waive responsibility for dealing with it.

For example, he points out that it is “Interestingly, so many Democrats in Washington seem to be rushing to the microphone to declare that Ukraine’s border is sacred.“And they do”even as they are destroying our borders and giving up our sovereignty. ”

Russia cannot cross the Ukrainian border, from the point of view of the ruling elite, but millions of people illegally can cross our border with no problem. That kind of stupidity is what Trump is best at tearing to pieces and he did a great job in that comment.

He also reiterated how it is a reproach and responsibility for Biden and the radical left to happily give up on protecting our borders. “The most important duty of every elected legislator is to defend and defend America and that begins with defending and defending our borders.. ”

But it’s not just illegals crossing the border south that Trump has rallied. He also ravaged Canada and the autocracy within it, saying that those who “really want to fight for democracy” Candlestick “starting with democracy with democracy at stake right next door, a place called Canada. ”

He then went on to highlight how horrendous events in Canada really were, saying “In an advanced democracy in the West, the peaceful movement of truckers, workers and patriotic families for their most basic rights and freedoms was brutally quelled.“And that”They are being hunted as enemies of their government and are treated worse than drug dealers and murderers or rapists.

Speaking about our northern neighbor, Trump went on to say that “a line has been crossed. You’re with moderate truckers or you’re with left-wing fascists, and that’s what’s happening, and that’s a strong line. We stand with the truckers, and we stand with the people of Canada in the noble mission of reclaiming their freedom.

Trump is right, borders matter and our borders need to be important to Americans. We cannot import millions of dollars from the third world, nor can we allow the autocracy held in Canada to infect our great nation.

https://smartzune.com/this-nationbelongs-to-you-trump-gives-stirring-speech-on-border-security-during-cpac/ “This Country… Belongs to You!”: Trump delivers stirring speech on border security during CPAC

Jake Nichol

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