These are the documents that the US Embassy in Ukraine reviewed about the ‘Biological Threat Reduction’ Laboratory

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Russia’s accusations of a US-funded and managed “bipod” laboratory research program in Ukraine have led to widespread speculation about the nature of the Pentagon-funded laboratories. this aid. The Russians’ insistence that they have evidence of such a biological weapons program has become a major hurdle in diplomatic negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Belarus.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov charge at a press conference last week that “the Pentagon has built two biological combat laboratories and they have grown pathogens in Kyiv and in Odessa.” Lavrov also compared the presence of laboratories to accusations that the United States’ Weapons of Mass Destruction program led it to invade Iraq in 2003 and topple dictator Saddam Hussein.

Leonid Slutsky, head of the Duma Committee on International Affairs and a member of the Russian delegation at the talks with Ukraine, Discuss that the purpose of developing biological weapons components “confirms that the Russian Federation has good reason to conduct a special military operation aimed at demilitarizing Ukraine.”

Major General Igor Konashenkov, official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, charge on Sunday that “components of biological weapons are being developed in Ukraine, close to Russian territory.”

Amid the accusations by the Russians, the US Embassy in Ukraine has wash some documents related to Ukraine’s “Biological Threat Reduction” program.

Those documents have been retrieved and can be read below. The documents show that both the locations of the Ukrainian laboratories and the Ministry of Defense are listed as “sponsors” for the program.

“The Electronically Integrated Disease Surveillance System (EIDSS) is a software system designed to enhance the surveillance and prevention of human and animal diseases according to the One Health concept, and to facilitate compliance. compliance with International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005,” the embassy document states.

In 2011, EIDSS was introduced in Ukraine with installations at the following locations:

  • Central Station of Sanitation and Epidemiology in Kyiv (CSES)
  • Ukrainian Institute of Anti-Plague Research in Odessa (URAPI)
  • Sanitary and epidemiological station Vinnitsa Oblast
  • Sanitary and epidemiological station of Vinnitsa . city
  • Kalynivska Rayon Sanitary and Epidemic Station in Vinnitsa Oblast
  • Hygiene and Epidemiology Station Zhitomir Oblast
  • Khmelnitska Oblast Hygiene and Epidemiology Station as locations in the region

“The main objective of the program is the implementation of EIDSS at the sites of the State Sanitary Service of Ukraine in order to monitor and prevent outbreaks of diseases caused by particularly dangerous pathogens,” the document states. added.

The expenditures of the Ministry of Defense are listed for some of the Ukrainian laboratories as follows:

  • Diagnostic Laboratory Dnipropetrovsk (USD $1,935,557)
  • Dnipropetrovsk State Regional Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (USD $1,810, 547)
  • Kharkiv Diagnostic Laboratory (USD $1,638.375)
  • Luhansk Regional Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (USD $1,746,312)
  • Lviv Diagnostic Laboratory (USD $1,927.158)
  • Lviv Regional Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (USD $1,734,971)
  • Vinnytsia Oblast Laboratory Center ($1,504,840)
  • Zakarpartska Oblast Laboratory Center ($1,920.432)
  • Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (US$2,109,375.23)

The US Embassy in Ukraine explained the operation of the laboratories and accused the Russians of spreading false information about their nature in 2020. See:

“The biological threat reduction program is active in 27 countries,” said US Ambassador to Kazakhstan William Moser. “We feel that this disinformation and misinformation is done just to really take advantage of division.”

“We have had allegations that some research projects were used to create threats and not to identify threats and mitigate them,” added Dr. Mary Lancaster. “The final engine is being injected where it doesn’t exist.”

“We built these capabilities for our partners, their central reference labs to do research,” said Lance Brooks. “They publish everything they do. They invite the international community into their lab. They are working on behalf of and for the benefit of the people of their countries. “

However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the US and Ukraine of a lack of transparency.

“We have data showing that the Pentagon is preoccupied with chemical and biological facilities in Ukraine,” Lavrov said. “The Pentagon has built two biowarfare labs and they’ve grown the pathogen in Kyiv and Odessa.”

“And now they are concerned that they might lose control of these labs,” he argued. “And you know what it might look like in the future. And the Americans flatly and firmly refused to initiate the screening mechanism as part of the chemical weapons ban convention. And they build new chemical and biological facilities all over the Russian border.”

“And, you know, many other developments will happen,” Lavrov continued. “Clearly the CIA is involved and they are training the Ukrainian army, not going to war with Poland. And when the events in Iraq happened, when the United States declared this to be a threat to the national security of the United States, did anyone ask why the United States then decided to move a country away from its shores? sea ​​order 10,000 km, because the United States is a great power? ”

“When Russia says there’s a threat to us, they start telling us there isn’t a threat at all, but you know, we’re going to decide what’s needed to give it to us. our security,” Lavrov stated. “And it’s near and next to our border, we won’t go as far as 10,000 kilometers to enforce our rules.”

Therefore, Russia is using the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 as an excuse to invade Ukraine. It turns out that after the invasion, weapons inspectors could find little if any evidence that then-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was maintaining an active Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) program. work. However, the New York Times report that Iraq has stockpiles of old WMDs discovered by US troops.

In May 2020, Lavrov accused the United States of “resolutely opposed to the adoption of a protocol to the convention for the prohibition of biological and toxic weapons, which would establish a mechanism to verify compliance of member states to the obligation not to produce such weapons”.

“The reluctance of the United States to ensure the transparency of its military-biological activities in different parts of the world, of course, raises questions about what is really going on and what its goals are.” goals are being pursued,” Lavrov said at a news conference after the closed-door meeting. with the foreign ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

These laboratories are densely formed along the perimeter of the border of the Russian Federation, and accordingly, next to the border of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Lavrov added.

The US Embassy in Ukraine has publication information on the “Biological Threat Reduction Program” in Ukraine:

The US Department of Defense Biological Threat Reduction Program works with partner countries to combat the risk of outbreaks (intentional, accidental, or natural) of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases . The program fulfills its mission to reduce biological threats through the development of a culture of biological risk management; international research partnerships; and partner capacity to strengthen biosecurity, biosecurity and biosurveillance measures. The priorities of the Ukraine Biological Threat Reduction Program are to strengthen and secure pathogens and toxins of security concern and continue to ensure that Ukraine can detect and report outbreaks dangerous pathogens before they pose security or stability threats.

The current governing bodies of the Bio-Threat Reduction Program in Ukraine are the Ministry of Health, the Ukrainian State Agency for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Naitional defense.

Information boards on the website of the US Embassy in Ukraine about the following laboratories are cited above.

  • Lviv Diagnostic Laboratory (PDF 101 KB)
  • Lviv Regional Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory (PDF 101 KB)
  • Kharkiv Diagnostic Laboratory (PDF 98 KB)
  • Luhansk Regional Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory (Luhansk RDVL) (PDF 91 KB)
  • Dnipropetrovsk Diagnostic Laboratory (PDF 102 KB)
  • Vinnytsia Diagnostic Laboratory (Vinnytsia DL) (PDF 99 KB)

The US embassy website partly attests to a ‘viral map’ purporting to show US biological laboratories in Ukraine.

There is no solid evidence of US-funded “biological weapons” research in Ukraine. Therefore, it is more likely that this is Russian misinformation. But the US embassy in Ukraine lists biological “threat reduction” labs, similar to those US-funded in Wuhan. The readers may draw their own conclusions. These are the documents that the US Embassy in Ukraine reviewed about the ‘Biological Threat Reduction’ Laboratory

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