There is an alarming increase in mortality among young people despite Covid vaccines

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Expert™ Covid missions and lockdowns have contributed to an increase in all-cause mortality for young people globally. This is what data from many advanced countries now clearly show.

It is important to first understand that Covid-19 is an exponentially more deadly disease for the sick and elderly.

The Statista report from March found that 879,953 / 944,657 (93%) of all Covid-related deaths in the US were recorded as being over 50 years old. Nearly 75% of all Covid-related deaths are over 65 years old.

Pre-existing conditions are also a major risk factor for susceptibility to Covid-19-related mortality, which should also be borne in mind.

The economist’s data based on research by Marc Bevand shows that the risk of Covid-19 (Infection Mortality Rate) for young people is lower compared with seasonal flu.

However, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated this week that “we didn’t know” that Covid affects older people more than younger people.

The US even quietly adjusted for Covid-related deaths this week in the youngest population (even as FDA continues to push for ‘vaccines’ for children under 5) Psaki statement is blatantly wrong.

The CDC’s Covid Tracker quietly reduced the infant mortality rate to 416 reported deaths (24%) as of March 16.

The NCHS, oddly enough, is even lower than that number: 921 (out of 73,508 from all causes).

Despite Covid vaccines, credentials, passport vax, lockdowns and other extreme measures, excess mortality rates are still rising during a global ‘second wave’.

This excessive increase in mortality is not entirely explained by the Covid-19 virus. especially if one accepts claims about vaccine effectiveness.

As Lancet’s article, “Estimation of mortality from the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic analysis of mortality related to COVID-19, 2020–21,” explains, “the magnitude and distribution of multiple causes Other causes of death may have changed due to social, economic and behavioral responses to the pandemic, including strict lockdowns. Under these conditions, excess mortality may provide a more accurate assessment of the total mortality impact of the COVID-19 pandemic than reported COVID-19 deaths.

So imagine the epic scale of failure on a global scale if it was The Experts™ and not Covid-19 that actually caused the young adult mortality rate to spike globally?

The average age of Covid-related deaths is estimated to tend to be much older than in other global pandemics – between 73 and 79 years old. This is a very close life expectancy in most countries.

This is believed to be one of the few relatively benevolent aspects of Covid-19. But due to short-sightedness, self-interest and too optimistic policy, experts ™ squandered Nature’s gift with stupid policy.

Younger populations suffer from high mortality rates in light of the aggressive policies of Covid-19 in many advanced countries, despite the lower relative risk to the virus compared with the elderly and the presence of representations of mRNA injections marketed as “vaccines,” official data reveals.

Let’s start with the US and flip through data from the UK and Germany to show that there has been a spike in all-cause deaths following the introduction of the ‘vaccine’ in early 2021.

This is the United States’ all causes of death by age group in 2020 and 2021. (CDC data.)

As you can see, there was a spike in 2021 for 25-44 and a spike for 45-64. This is not assumed to happen. Especially with “vaccines”.

In a recent broadcast of Edward Dowd’s War Room, he explained: “Millenniums experienced 61,000 deaths in the second half of 2021. That was the Vietnam War event. The death of authorized government…democracy. ”

This ‘democratization’ phenomenon has also been noted in the UK and Germany.

In the UK and Germany, not only do you see spikes in the 15-64 group (the UK is higher in 2020), but you also see them in the 0-14 age group.

Christof Kuhbandner and Matthias Reitzner analyzed German data for a article.

“The increase in observed mortality versus expected mortality occurred heterogeneously across different age groups,” the authors note. “The increase in excess mortality observed in 2021 is almost entirely attributable to the above-average increase in deaths in the 15 to 79 age groups, where there is a high disparity of the number of deaths relative to the expected value.”

“The highest values ​​were reached in the 40-49 age group, where the observed death toll was 9 percent higher than the expected values.”

The authors attempt to link the increase in mortality to vaccine deployment. They include charts in a discussion material in German.

“Interestingly, the excess mortality in 2021 correlates strongly with vaccination: an increase in unexpected deaths in April and an increase from October onward coincides with the onset of vaccination campaign and initiating booster vaccinations.”

“Such an observation suggests that an unusually high number of deaths in 2021 may be related to a COVID vaccine that is first administered and administered to the general population in 2021,” the authors argue. ,” the authors argue.

The Covid-19 mRNA injections have hit the market with the lowest level of transparency of any “vaccine” authorization in US history. Despite many Biden health officials swearing there would be no quests, which turned out to be failed promises.

The US Congress must open an investigation into this public fraud of the illegal and reckless proxies of Covid, which harmed the youngest Americans at the height of their lives. unnecessarily. It must hold dishonest public health officials accountable, even including for allegedly misleading the public. It’s one of the most outrageous crimes in American history – and there’s plenty to choose from. There is an alarming increase in mortality among young people despite Covid vaccines

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