The woman in the house closes it too straight and as a result becomes quite lifeless

Remember in 2015 when Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig collaborated on the movie Lifetime A deadly acceptance? This made-for-television series has been billed as a comedy despite not being filmed as a comedy. Yes, it’s confusing and audiences are understandably frustrated. They were expecting a Horror film-like taking the Lifetime franchise and replacing it with a Lifetime movie that just happened to Ferrell and Wiig. Woman in the house across the street with the Girl in the window suitable for an analog circuit, which makes sense, considering Ferrell acts as an executive producer.

Review The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window season 1

One side, Woman in the house takes a more humorous approach to its subject matter — spoof books like Woman in the window, Girl on the trainand Woman in cabin 10 and other psychological thrillers/mysteries in that vein — but it’s still too straight forward to make any real impact. And the comedy is very hit or miss, with a tendency to miss more often than hit.

Kristen Bell plays Anna Whitaker, a grieving divorcee struggling to come to terms with the horrific death of her daughter. She drugged herself with a lot of alcohol and was often drunk as she looked out the window, watched the neighbors, and sipped from a glass full of wine.

Although it has been three years since her daughter’s death, Anna still “sees” her child at home. Since then, she’s divorced from her husband, FBI forensic psychologist Douglas (Michael Ealy), and hasn’t really managed to get her footing again. Oh, and she’s plagued by a terrifying obsession with the rain directly linked to her daughter’s death, which means she can’t leave the house if even a storm cloud covers it. top. The only person Anna really has to depend on is her best friend, Sloane (Mary Holland), who feels more or less useless for the entire season long due to how Holland is supposed to be.

Things change and become significantly more interesting for Anna when she has a new neighbor at the house across the street in the form of a handsome widow named Neil (Tom Riley) and her adorable daughter Emma. (Samsara Leela Yett). But while starting to obsess about her neighbor, Anna witnesses a murder in his living room window. Or is it her? Like the plot of Woman in the windowAnna is led to believe that nothing happened and that the person she believes was murdered is actually alive and well.

Was she imagining it all while drunk, or was she intoxicated? On top of that, her hands are odd, her nosy neighbor Carol (Brenda Koo) is constantly causing her problems, and there may be someone living in her attic. Or are those creepy noises just the house settling? With all the chaos in life, it makes sense for Anna to start imagining what life would be like if she and Neil fell in love and had a picturesque family, complete with chicken stew in the supply chain. Her seemingly endless levels of identical dishes.

Woman in the house

The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window. Kristen Bell as Anna in episode 102 of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. Cr. Colleen E. Hayes / Netflix © 2021

While it’s clear that writers and creators understand the overall psychological thriller genre and enjoy playing with the cliches and cliches we all anticipate, the point is that they don’t really do anything wrong. Anything interesting with the story.

It’s annoying because there are a few moments on the show that are generally hilarious. Specifically, the whole plot involving how her daughter Anna dies is the kind of dark comedy that I would expect to come out of this show to a more consistent degree. Everything to do with the handyman Buell and the fact that he repaired the same mailboxes for what seemed like forever was also a highlight, but beyond that, the jokes started to frustrate. very far and very little.

Even more infuriating is that the show doesn’t seem to understand funny jokes and stories that age quickly. Some of them are so repeated and dragged out of the advertising museum that you just want to scream, “Oh my gosh, we got it!”

I think the crux of this show’s problem, like A deadly acceptancedoes it feel stuck between playing the genre candidly and trying to unravel its more alien elements, leaving us with a rather tedious plot that doesn’t go far enough with the two direction for real entertainment.

On the plus side, it’s a short series with just eight episodes between 25 and 30 minutes long. Is that the worst way to spend an afternoon? No, especially if you’re a fan of the genre. It’s unlikely you’ll remember much about it later because it slips into the stream of unsustainable trivial programs. And like it’s disoriented, can’t pick a tune and stick to it, Woman in the house not great or terrible, but stuck somewhere in between.

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Woman in the house across the street with the Girl in the window premieres Friday, January 28 on Netflix. The woman in the house closes it too straight and as a result becomes quite lifeless

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