The Witch Queen is the best campaign in the series

The villain in the Witch Queen's moth skeleton grimaced.

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I have never, since Life launched in 2014, can recommend classification to anyone. Compliments are always accompanied by warnings. The cool parts are always buried beneath an incomprehensible grinding layer. With Witch Queen I can finally say, without reservation, that Fate 2 there’s a great shooting campaign that deserves everyone’s attention.

For those who are watching closely Fate 2: The Witch Queenlaunch, this should come as no surprise. I’m not the only one who said its campaign how wonderful. I’m just here to add my voice the chorus is increasing. Mission eight will get you through Hive god Savathûn’s Throne Worlda floating castle deep mystery and dark secrets, and delivers everything it promises.

Southern gothic marshes give way to French gothic courtyards. One moment you are navigating an underground cave to find an ancient tomb. Next time you expand a tower to search for a tower experiment. Yes background, puzzle solving, matching storytelling, and lots of scenes. Life always separate each of these elements, but they are never strong, balanced, or blend together so naturally before.

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When it first came out, Life synonymous with shooting into the cave for hours while looking up flavor text online. Witch Queen shows how far it has evolved from that formula. For the first time, the story is almost as good as the battle. There’s no spoiler here, but suffice it to say that longtime players are treated to a level of reveal never seen before in the series, while newcomers finally get a fighting chance. to parse Lifemillions of proper nouns thanks to a narrative based on multidimensional characters.

Art direction, always amazing, better than ever and ultimately serving different missions that rarely repeat environment, encounter, or mechanical. Just an example, Witch Queenpoint of half way briefly takes the player back to Europa, home of Year 2020 Beyond the light expansion. Instead of returning to the old areas with new objectives, you venture inside the pyramid of aliens hovering in the skybox taunting players for over a year with it’s inaccessible. What in the old expansions will be like corridors interspersed with larger arenas is now a maze with twists and turns, taking advantage of verticality and sometimes self-reverse.

The quest culminates in three massive battles. The first is small and introduces you to a jammer that you need to disable to take out the boss shields. The second part takes place in a larger arena with more enemies and more signal jammers. The final encounter will elevate the game once again by removing large chunks of the ground so that the moment you’re pinned down and start to panic, you’re bound to turn, jump, and accidentally fall to the ground. . It means a kind Vacation are from Savathûn’s house of horrors, but even without a particularly notable boss it has become one of my low keys Favorite quests in the entire campaign.

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OLDombat is almost more interesting. As someone who has fired millions of energy beams at hundreds of thousands of space creatures, I don’t need Destiny to reinvent its firing every few years, but two big additions have made things fresh. . First is Void 3.0, an overhaul of a fork of power that makes them more customizable but also more fun. Like the power of Stasis before, Void’s ability is now more like reality magic and less like grenades and punches disguised as superpowers. The second is Lucent Hive, a new type of enemy that can use player powers against them and can respawn if you knock them down but don’t finish them off. They’re much more thrilling to fight against Overload, Barrier, and Unstoppable Champions — normal but damage enemies cheat — that Fate recentlyarrive too dependentant above.

None of this would be possible without belong to Witch QueenCore improvement: added Legendary difficulty mode. It doesn’t sound like much and it might not be so if implemented differently, but it has different content means getting burned in the pursuit of greater loot and leveling up and adjusting it to be tense, thoughtful, and fun. Legends bypasses the traditional tools of Destiny to increase difficulty like forcing you to play combo games with enemy shields or making you a training target for snipers. Instead, the game mode with how enemies come to you, what types and damage scaling tips deal slightly favor them. As a result, you can still play solo, but only if you focus, be patient, and play smart.

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Even better is if you form a squad. Expansion mode is based on player count, but keeps things from getting out of hand by allowing only one respawn per checkpoint and requires you revive teammates fall for about 30 seconds or start over. There’s a bonus to playing this way, but the real reason to do it is because it’s more fun, a calculation I’m not sure about the average Life player has had the opportunity to do it before. Missions now also have save points and can be replayed, standard features in every other game but a revelation in this one.

Fans have long complained about the fact that the best content of the series is hidden in raids, effectively drawing it from almost anyone. One way Bungie has tried to solve that problem is to secretly film more and more raid elements more standard content. That’s for sure the case with Witch Queenfeels like the most raid-y expansion, despite the fact that the actual one doesn’t drop until March 5. But I’m glad Bungie didn’t go overboard. Watching alien heads pop as you shoot them with more byzantine arsenals than ever before is the main joy of the game. Life. Raids, even at their best, often replace that with esoteric damage puzzles that require very specific solutions. Witch Queencampaign of no. It’s tough, but it’s not abstract.

I don’t intend to give the impression that Witch Queen is perfect. I’ve focused on the campaign here because it’s too early to judge the rest of the expansion. Is it better than 2015 Taken King or 2018 Deny? Not decided yet. I’m not even sure that’s a meaningful comparison at this point, given how different it is Lifeand what it means to exist in and out of the game, is back then. I will say it to the extent Witch QueenThe campaign has flaws, most of them related to how the rest of the expansion, and its heavy RNG, constantly giving you homework. As a longtime player, it’s something I signed up for and generally enjoy, but it effectively limits how players can get into the campaign who aren’t willing to join the army for the long term..

Fortunatelythey can still see the best Witch Queen have to offer without signing their lives awayAnd it’s excellent. The Witch Queen is the best campaign in the series

Curtis Crabtree

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