The state of Florida is embroiled after losing Travis Hunter to Jackson state

Twitter is completely disrupting Florida State football for losing top player Travis Hunter to Seminoles alum and Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders on Early Contract Day.

While Jackson State football fans celebrate their biggest win in decades, Florida State football fans are coming to terms with the fact that Travis Hunter leave them at the altar.

Here’s what happens when Deion Sanders is the face of an HBCU program. Coach Prime took the best player of the 2022 class out of his alma mater and took him to Jackson, Mississippi to play for the Tigers. The world of college football has completely changed after this turn of events. Welcome to the world of college athletics dominated by NIL.

Meanwhile, everyone and their brother are tearing the State of Florida to pieces over the loss of Hunter.

Florida State Soccer Criticized on Twitter After Losing Travis Hunter

It took a perfect storm of events for this unprecedented flip to happen. Seminoles head coach Mike Norvell didn’t even see it happen.

The state of Florida had to shut down as a program. Sanders has to host his own show. Most importantly, the NIL must be enacted to at least give Jackson State a chance to pull the plug on this most epic recruitment drive.

Ultimately, no one likes this from a third-party perspective more than rival schools like Clemson, Florida, and Miami.

At this point, all we need to see is that Hunter and Sanders will star in an Aflac commercial next fall.

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