The spooky AF Elden Ring Invasion will make you scream

An image by YouTuber yung maestro showing her tainted about to become rect in Elden Ring's online PvP by a duo named Fin and Ger.

Elden ring can be pretty frightening. Sometimes it’s the monsters, eerie horrors with far too many appendages and exposed arteries. Sometimes it’s the setting, shrouded in misty white mist and just a few obelisk structures while haunting music hums in the background. So also with this nightmarish invasion YouTuber Young Maestro experienced in the Consecrated Snowfield of FromSoftware’s latest game. I’m scared.

Elden ringIn multiplayer, you can do things like summon friends who can help you finally take down that boss that kept kicking your ass. At the same time, however, enemy summoning signs, displayed either through the use of the duelist’s folded finger or the festering bloody finger, make you vulnerable to PvP invasions from aggressive fans who will try to kill you by any means necessary, be it that put in a ball or blow yourself up.

Much more frightening, however, was what happened to a player who goes by the name of Yung Maestro. maestro tweeted a video of himself being absolutely fingered to death by two cooperative players aptly named Fin and Ger. No, I’m not joking.

It took place in Sacred Snowfield, a secret place in the northeast of the Lands Between, not far from the mountain peaks of the giants. It’s this rocky terrain covered in snow and fog. You know, the place where horror happens. Maestro showed up, determined to defeat Fin, Host of Fingers, and rushed into battle. Fin demonstrating what he appears to be gesture of rapture with their arms stretched out to heaven, as if praying to a divine deity for strength, they set out ring finger hammer and ran towards the Maestro. The Maestro jumped off the rocks Fin was standing on and then crashed into Ger. Unfortunately, it was over before it even started.

Maestro panicked when Fin and Ger wore the same thing bulbous Envoy Crown helmet and what seemed that to be freaky Godskin Noble Robe chest piece, approached. The result was deadly fingering. The duo utilized the Ringed Finger’s Claw Strike weapon skill, which curls the weapon and releases it almost simultaneously with great ferocity. Maestro got knocked out, tried to crawl away to heal, and even unleashed one powerful dragon summon called Placidusax’s Ruin shooting fire from her dragon-transformed head. But it was in vain. Maestro died when The old dragona disaster Dark Souls Track playing in the background. It is not the true music of the Hallowed Snowfieldbut the terrible effect was still expertly achieved.

Maestro’s Dire Weakness was a snippet from a YouTube video they posted on March 23rd that was a compilation of PvP battles. Finger Death was so disheartening that it drove the Maestro insane, apparently pumping his Faith stat up to 99, and repeatedly using Placidusax’s Ruin on all invaders.

Maestro tells kotaku via direct messages that the deadly invasion was to hilariously haunting too not to edit the eerie music provides a comedic effect.

“Surprisingly, yes not written,” said Maestro. “I found that in the souls Games, people often arrange to meet such a friend to surprise intruders. When it happens, it’s more fun to play along and see where it goes than it is to just fight.”

Although not written, things happen in very precise momentshow Fetal position gesture the duo performs just as the Master’s body evaporates from their plane of existence. Whatever the case, this horrifying video will haunt me as I continue my journey through the Lands Between. I explore the desolate world already on the edge. Invasions like this only increase my fears. The spooky AF Elden Ring Invasion will make you scream

Curtis Crabtree

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