The slap of Tommy Pham as explained by Joc Pederson

The Tommy Pham Slap, which saw Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson arguing before the game over a fantasy football league, is truly one of the most bizarre baseball stories of all time.

There are many reasons for the Ken Burns to go another inning baseball Documentary. In the years between the airing of the last episode and today, there were powerful moments baseball From the Astros cheating to the Cubs winning the World Series, history has happened in what you can only imagine as segments in your mind.

But there’s one moment that calls out to Ken Den (or Burns Hive, whatever you prefer) perhaps more than any other: Tommy Pham beating Joc Pederson over a fantasy football league.

If only studs Terkel, Roger Angell and Shirley Povich were alive to comment. Picture George Plimpton in that transatlantic accent contemplating Pham approaching Pederson while flattening his palm and preparing to bat.


Somehow this is a real thing. The Giants and Reds went head-to-head Friday night in a game more likely to be remembered for what happened before a pitch was ever thrown. If you fell asleep early last night or were glued to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, you might be wondering what the heck everyone is talking about in regards to The Slap Heard Around The World.

Why did Tommy Pham hit Joc Pederson?

The incident occurred during pre-game celebrations when Pham approached Pederson and the two engaged in a verbal confrontation. Things escalated into a physical altercation when Pham punched Pederson before the two were separated.

None of this seems terribly funny or interesting, but the context for The Slap is a plot twist where M. Night Shyamalan angrily smacks a table for not thinking of it first.

This is 100 percent true: Tommy Pham beat Joc Pederson over a cheating allegation in a fantasy football league they were in together.

Pederson explained it after the game, saying Pham accused him of cheating by hiding players on his bench using an IR loophole.

“We were in a fantasy league together,” Pederson said said Reporter. “I put a player on injured reserve when he was listed as ‘out’ and added another player. And then there was a text message in the group that I was cheating because I hid players on my bench.”

Wait, so Tommy Pham’s slap in the face was all about fantasy football?

It truly is the most glorious unexpected twist in a story. Ken Burns shouldn’t just do one segment about it, he should devote an entire inning to the Tommy Pham slap.

Pederson went on to explain that Pham appeared to be doing what he was making an allegation about, and this is where things took a turn.

“Coincidentally he had one player, Jeff Wilson, who was out. And he had it in IR. And I said, “You literally have the same thing on your team, on your bench.” I guess he was in two leagues. In one of them [Wilson] was on the IR and not on the other. So maybe that was a mix-up. But in the ESPN league we were there [Wilson] was listed as off. So it feels very similar to what I did.”

Poor Jeff Wilson. He was just trying to do his job in a whole different league but now finds himself on the wall as we try to unravel the mystery of SlapGate 2022.

Has anyone else commented on the Tommy Pham Slap?

We can only imagine the conversations that take place behind the closed doors of each locker room. It’s hard to believe this will lead to anything other than the teammates causing grief to Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson. So don’t expect in-game retaliation like we see at other baseball beefs.

Giants manager Gabe Kapler spoke about the incident after the game. Unlike most others who enjoyed this story, Kapler wasn’t as amused or tickled by Tommy Pham’s slap in the face.

He said he would leave it to a league investigation and not pursue further.

Have Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson ever tried to find out?

Pederson told reporters that he hasn’t spoken to Pham since the allegation of cheating was made in the group chat. In fact, it sounds like they’ve spoken for the first time since the incident took place immediately prior to the slap.

“No, there was no real argument,” Pederson said said the moments before the slap. “He kind of came up to me and said, ‘Remember last year?’ And I thought, ‘Fantasy Football?’ And he says, “Yes.”

Will Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson play in a fantasy football league again?

That’s really the biggest question. Can the wounds of SlapGate 2022 be healed enough to have the two play in the same fantasy football league, or will this beef create a rift that tears apart the very fabric of that league?

The real question is what will be the top names of Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson’s fantasy football teams this year? You know that’s coming, and you know they’re not all going to be great, but if there’s anything positive to come out of this Tommy Pham gossip, it’s that almost every league will have a team this year , which is named in honor of what must be the most bizarre baseball controversy in history unrelated to the actual game.

So perhaps the biggest question of all is the one that hits harder: Does Tommy Pham or the fantasy football team call this bizarre incident inspired? The slap of Tommy Pham as explained by Joc Pederson

John Verrall

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