The Rundown: 2022 Minor League and Draft Wishes, Sabathia Claps Back at Frazier, MLB Owner Uses Small Negotiating Tactics

We still don’t know what moves Jed Hoyer and Carter Hawkins will have when baseball resumes, so maybe now is the right time to discuss long-range plans. Based on the latest rhetoric and the lack of scheduled meetings, and the fast approaching holidays, my new CBA target date is February 1st. I wouldn’t be surprised if it drags into time. Spring training is scheduled to begin, but I would be shocked if the two sides reach an agreement before then.

I was preparing my non-freelance agent wish list for 2022 while I was away from home yesterday, and I got caught up in it, I had to buy a spiral notebook and pen at the store hospital gifts. That will cost you about $10.25 at a not-so-convenient store, in case you’re wondering, and it’s not the price of a supply chain crisis. Anyway, here are my notes:

  1. I want to see Brennen Davis hit .270/.369/.515 at the big end this season with double-digit home runs and 70-80 RBI. Of course, that would dock him three weeks, because I could just use the final CBA and its service time as a sample.
  2. I would love it if Hoyer and Hawkins could find a way to achieve it Miguel Vargas from the Dodgers. I don’t know if he’s a permanent third-base solution, but I love his doubles tool helps his growing strength play up. This child can scratch. I’ve been following him for a few years now and he’s going up pretty quickly in most leads this year. He reminds me of a right-hander, before PED Rafael Palmeiro.
  3. It is unlikely that third-base leads Jace Jung will fall to the Cubs in 7th place in the amateur discussion next July, and with Hawkins calling for shots, I bet the house he’ll pick a pitcher anyway. The first round is expected to be very heavy, with 23-27 of the first 31 picks predicted to be the highest.
  4. After hours of watching sales pitch videos of potential customers, I’m happy with any Dylan Lesko, Payton Pallette, and Jackson Ferris in Round 1.
  5. If I had my drunks, they would choose Ferris. Lefthander there was a fast ball in the mid 90s blends nicely with the mid-’80s twist. His clearance makes lefties look like they’re hitting flies with a wand. Ferris turns 18 next month and is by no means a finished product. Clear “Save Ferris” shirts would be a nice bonus.
  6. If he’s still here when the Cubs make the second pick in the draft, I’d love to see the Hawkins tab Cayden Wallace. He is a midfielder with a big bat and larger arm, but a lot of scouts saw him moving to the third base. There are some worries about his batting skills and he might eventually become a Patrick Wisdom clonal line.
  7. Incidentally, the above rap Kris Bryant when he was in Chicago was lacking the RBI, a fact that many decided was because the three-wayer was not a clutch. Wisdom had 61 RBIs to go with 28 fishers, which proves that the Cubs just had a hard time attracting men on the base before their boppers.
  8. A draft-eligible third fighter that I really love is Jayson Jones, but his stock is going up really fast. He went from 50-100 slots to a top 20 showing in less than five months. If he somehow drops to the Cubs in Round 2, I expect Hawkins and Hoyer to jump out. I didn’t see Jones slide past St. Louis is in 22nd place if he is present. He just look like a future Cardinal.
  9. The fastest risers in Chicago’s system this year will be Cristian Hernandez, Owen Caissie, and Kevin Alcantara.
  10. My biggest concern is pitchers DJ Herz, Caleb Kilian, and Jordan Wicks may stagnate or regress. The Cubs have been teasing us for the past two years with the prospect of pitching better-than-average tools. In the end, they encountered the hurdles they had been trying to overcome. Brailyn Márquez, Adbert Alzolay, and Burl Carraway are great examples. I hope Hawkins is the one who makes the difference.

Cubs . News & Notes

Odds & Odds

Five years ago when the Reds beat the Phillies at Crosley Field in the first night game in MLB history, Des Moines Demons play under the lights On May 2, 1930, the first professional baseball game was held at night. Night games were also popular in Negro tournaments as early as 1930 so that those teams could avoid competition with the major leagues.

MLB . News & Notes

Blue Jays are reported to be very close signed Noah Syndergaard before he signed his one-year deal with the Angels.

Dodgers are chosen Carson Fuller in Wednesday’s Rule 5 Draft. Fulmer was the 8th pick overall in the 2015 draft, so it’s a career low for the right reliever.

Yasiel Puig reached an agreement on a one year contract with the Kiwoom Heroes of the Korean Baseball Organization.

Heroes have been named Sports Illustrated Team of the Year.

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian Was Voted Baseball Writers Association of America Professional Excellence Award and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame weekend intro in July.

Royals special assistant to the general manager and a longtime scout Jim Fregosi Jr. sudden death on Thursday. He is 57 years old and is the son of former player and manager Phillies Jim Fregosi, Sr.

If your summer calendar is completely empty, Nothing beats a 50-state baseball tour.

Negotiation & Love Song

Cubs Midfielder and Player Representative Ian Happ indicate the owner did not make an economic proposal in a meeting last November with the players union.

The content of the MLB can be a piddle by Rob Manfred and the owners’ union.

Someone needs help baseball save itself from a repeat of more serious layoffs in previous years.

Members of the MLB Players Association don’t say they don’t get enough money, they argue they don’t full afterward money generated by the tournament.

History shows that self-trained players there may be a problem.

Today’s Jones Baseball

You’ve reached Sistine heights when your name becomes synonymous with a single baseball game, like Ryne Sandberg, For example. Willie McGee of the Cardinals hit the cycle and won six runners that afternoon, making him the most effective footnote in sports history.

Extra time

Jason Heyward saved 154 defenses and five Golden Gloves in his 12-year career. Andrew Jones had 10 Golden Gloves, but no Gloves after leaving the Braves in 2007.

Oh hey! Andruw Jones has scored +254 defenses in his career In just 4 years from 1998-2001, he hit +123 (+35, +36, +25, +27) Think of it this way .. Nolan Arenado has 9 gold gloves and 5 straight platinum gloves.. he’s +136 in his 9 year career.

Slide home

I may miss a few Thursdays in the coming weeks due to some outpatient procedures for my illness. It really is the perfect timing given the closing time and maybe baseball will be back by the time I finish January 27th.

They said it

  • “One of the most disappointing things about our trip to Dallas was that the owner didn’t make an economic proposition during our stay there.” – Happen
  • “If I watched another Clint Frazier story, I would punch someone in the face of the f-king. S – t is absurd. That kid played 15 games in the major f-king tournaments. Get f-k out of here with all these stupid a-f-king stories. [Frazier’s] not worth mentioning”. – Sabathia

Friday Walk-Up Song

A change will come by Sam Cooke – Twitter was full of reminders Wednesday to remember John Lennon’s death, but few took time to remember Cooke, who was murdered under suspicious circumstances in South Central Los Angeles on December 11, 1964. If you have ‘haven’t seen the Netflix documentary Two murders of Sam Cooke I recommend it. Book “Our Uncle Sam” equally majestic. The Rundown: 2022 Minor League and Draft Wishes, Sabathia Claps Back at Frazier, MLB Owner Uses Small Negotiating Tactics

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