The Quarry’s Hackett Family are the main attraction

When The Quarry begins, the player becomes trapped in their journey through the truly horrific decisions of a group of hormone-stricken teenagers. Hackett’s Quarry is the site of a summer camp, and the young Hacketteers have all packed up and gone home. It is now night and the advisors are stranded in the quarry along with blood-soaked monsters, ominous hunters and mysterious corpses. It’s a great formula for a cheesy horror story full of chills and thrills. But the real draw isn’t the teenage consultants — it’s the much more interesting adult cast.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Quarry.

The Quarry begins with a series of very stupid decisions. It’s quite similar to watching a protagonist in a horror movie slowly descend into the dark basement; she knows It’s a bad call, but you can’t Break any of that. One of the camp counselors, an insecure Himbo named Jacob, decides to sabotage their ride from there in hopes of using an extra night without adult supervision to romance a girl. Things can go horribly wrong quickly.

The player controls the teenagers as they light their epic bonfire, survive some initial attacks and then devise a plan to escape the quarry and to safety. But there’s more to the foreboding monster attacks than meets the eye. As it turns out, the focus is on the Hackett family. And those characters — brothers Chris (David Arquette) and Travis (Ted Raimi), plus family matriarch Constance (Lin Shaye) and patriarch Jedediah (Lance Henriksen) — are the best part of the game.

The Quarry - Travis Hackett, a uniformed police officer with a gun, stands in front of two open doors. The camera is behind him, looming menacingly.

Image: Supermassive Games/2K Games

Because Hackett’s Quarry is cursed. The family is hiding a major werewolf problem, and the Hacketts don’t necessarily want anyone else to get hurt. Summer camp is not a trick or a trap; It has been established as a legitimate endeavor and leader Chris Hackett is horrified to discover the children will be staying an extra night during the full moon. The teenage counselors have no idea what’s going on — they’re more interested in their love interests and personal drama.

To make matters worse, Travis Hackett, the local sheriff, has interfered with the camp and its operations. When two counselors, Laura and Max, showed up to camp a night early and risked exposing the whole mystery, Travis illegally jailed them both for two months. As the teenagers begin to unravel the mysteries of the quarry, the Hacketts seem to be the game’s antagonists, and they are – they definitely made a lot of bad decisions!

But in their own way, they’re just the victims of bad decisions stupid kids made years ago. Chris’ two children were the first werewolves to be infected and it has since spread throughout the family, who in turn are determined to protect them from the outside world and anyone who would hurt them.

The Quarry - The teenage counselors of Hackett's Quarry are gathered and stare in shock at something off-screen.

Image: Supermassive Games/2K Games

There are seven main advisors that players can control, and much of the game’s early fundamentals are geared towards building them. But as someone who’s 31 and paying taxes, I was a lot more invested in the adult cast. There are small scenes that humanize her despite her terrible curse. There are complex family dynamics at play that can only really develop when you have responsibilities and duties that are more pressing than “updating Instagram” and “going to college.”

The Hacketts are doomed to varying degrees depending on the choices the player makes. There is no clean ending where they make it happy without consequences; This is a family that has kept their skeletons well hidden, and when they finally tumble out of the closet, there’s no clear solution.

Ted Raimi also knocks the role of Travis Hackett out of the park. He’s the first Hackett to actually emerge to play a significant role in the story; While Chris Hackett is familiar with the teenagers, he is mysterious to the gamer. Travis, on the other hand, is in the game’s intro and reappears once the horror really gets going. He adds a little bit of a cop’s authority to much consolation, and he has become casually cruel while under his family’s curse.

If the early scenes of boisterous teenagers about to kiss and gossip put you off The Quarry, it’s worth going back for the adult cast of the game. They’re a lot less flippant, and their compelling performances really drew me into the mysteries of Hackett’s Quarry.

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