The public may soon receive more information about Russia Hoax

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Jud Justice Watch, one of the main nonprofits holding elites accountable, has just filed a major lawsuit against the Justice Department, asking in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to gain access to information communication between Durham and AG Garland. As Jud Justice Watch described the lawsuit in a declare:

Jud Justice Watch announced today that it has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the United States Department of Justice over records of communications between Special Counsel John Durham and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

In that FOIA lawsuit, Jud Justice Watch is asking:

1. All records of communication, including email and text messages, between Special Counsel John Durham and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

2. All budget records relating to the operation of Special Counsel John Durham’s office.

Judiciary Oversight Chairman Tom Fitton, commenting on the lawsuit, added that “It won’t take a federal lawsuit to get answers to simple requests for Garland’s communications with Durham and basic budget documents on Special Counsel Durham’s operations.. ”

Despite the fact that it’s not a good idea to sue the federal government to get those answers, it clearly is.

Why the Judiciary Oversight case is important as it can help the public find out whether a July 2021 letter from Deputy Assistant Attorney General Joe Gaeta is accurate. In there alphabetGaeta says:

Finally, you asked if the Department agreed with Attorney General Barr’s order of October 19, 2020, which states:

“In addition to the confidential report required by 28 CFR § 608.8(c), the Special Counsel, to the fullest extent possible and consistent with Department of Justice law, policy, and practice, will submit give the Attorney General a final report, and such interim reports as he deems appropriate, in a form authorized for public release. “

Department agrees with this statement.

So, according to Gaeta, Joe Biden’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General, the DOJ still intends to disseminate Durham’s account when it becomes public.

Hopefully, the Jud Justice Watch lawsuit will shed some light on what back-and-forth communication was between Durham and AG, and therefore if and when the actual report will be released.

However, regardless of whether it is published or not, the report may be too late, as it has been many years since the Russian hoax occurred. That’s pretty well explained, Darrell Issa, California Republican speak:

Well, “Justice delayed is justice denied” is not some cliché; that is very true. Whatever comes up in the Durham Report… they can lie to Hillary Clinton, and it won’t change a thing.

In fact, time has passed. It’s rather irrelevant, except as a lesson to Congress that putting real-time limits and putting real content on operations, including Inspector General reports, etc., is more important than ever. .

The sad fact is that is probably true. Even if Durham delivers a report as shocking as some expect, it may be too late to make a difference.

If so, that would make the Jud Justice Watch case all the more important: the communications it sought to uncover could indicate whether the DOJ is pressuring Durham to keep the report only moving forward. develop slowly so that by the time it is published, headaches and possibly criminal sentences, or at least trials, can be avoided.

Perhaps not, but it’s a concern that is shared by many, so hopefully Jud Justice Watch’s FOIA lawsuit will help observers determine what’s really going on and why Durham is lost. so much time. The public may soon receive more information about Russia Hoax

Jake Nichol

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