The PS5’s Spider-Man 2 game has a silly Puddlegate controversy

On May 24th, PlayStation held its first major showcase since 2021. While there were some cool games, it lacked the big and wild exclusives that the company had released in the past. However, most would agree that the finale is a big gameplay preview of the upcoming PS5 exclusive Spider-Man 2-was a impressive ending to the show. Well, unless you ask some eagle-eyed players who have decided to focus on the game’s waters.

This has happened before. Before the release of Insomniac’s first album Spiderman Of course, when the studio released the open-world action game for PS4 in 2018, it featured early gameplay and theatrical trailers to feed the hyped beast. At some point during the pre-release hype cycle, people noticed that a certain area of ​​a construction site was missing some puddles.

This quickly led to a fierce controversy –called Puddlegate– Some claimed the developers downgraded the game or the puddles were removed out of laziness. Finally, Insomniac explained that it’s probably just an example of how open-world games – with dynamic times of day and weather – can look different on different screenshots of the same room.

Now it’s 2023 and Insomniac’s next Spiderman The game has at least one major battle over the nasty waters of New York City, and because nothing ever changes, people are water-mad again. It’s time for Puddlegate 2.0.

Insomniac / PlayStation / Marvel

In the new Spider-Man 2 During the gameplay shown on Playstation Showcase, we see Miles and Peter throwing nets over and around the East River in New York. However, after the trailer was released, people caught on Point out “problems” with the water. Some said the spatter looks bad. others had complaints about how the Water just looks “rough”. or there are no reflections. Even more gamers began to magnify distant details draw attention to problems that they propose to make the game look like one PS3 title. A screenshot –Taken from a 1080p stream of the game on someone else’s phone– was shared as an example of how “unfinished“The game is.

Some players are concerned about the water reflections in the game Spider-Man 2

On Friday, Digital Foundrytweeted John Linneman that the demonstration shown on March 24 “looked pretty good, right?” and pointed out that the game had improved ray tracing and other visual features. A few minutes after I tweeted this, replied a squad of players that the man who spent years analyzing video game graphics and visualizations was actually very wrong. As a matter of fact, Spider-Man 2– a game still in development – ​​is ugly and The water is terrible.

At one point, Linneman shared a screenshot of the game’s diffuse reflections off choppy waters and compared it to a real-world photo of reflections off choppy waters outside of New York City. And then someone weirdly replied, “The right one looks rough.“The right picture was the real photo. Apparently the water is pretty bad in real life too, right?

Before anyone assumes otherwise, I think people should be free to criticize games, movies, etc. And I also think it’s fair to judge trailers and previews of games released by people who pre-order one based on that alone.

However, we also have to keep in mind that game pre-recordings do not represent the final product and a heavily compressed 1080p stream on your phone will not fully represent what the actual game will look like on your own TV. Likewise, taking a single image of a game and weaponizing it online is silly and not very useful.

It also sucks to suggest that game developers are lazy or rushing something just because you spotted a (possibly) low-resolution texture or particle effect in a pre-release footage. If you’re wondering why so many game developers are nervous about sharing early game glimpses, this is the kind of behavior that’s likely making many developers pause before showing pre-release content. Luckily I will take note that I saw it loads of comments from people pointing out how silly these complaints are getting and that it’s not right to insult the developers.

Basically everyone just needs to relax, put away the microscopes and go outside. Maybe jump in a real puddle. Enjoy your life. I promise it will make better use of your time.

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