The Patriotic Front’s anti-abortion campaign at March for Life sends a clear message

On Friday, Anti-abortion organizers once again celebrate March for Life, an annual gathering on the National Mall there are anti-abortion rights leaders and pupil from all over the country. Though attendance has dwindled in recent years, and despite the pandemic, organizers took to the stage Friday to boast of their political victory. Not surprising, decades-long effort to reshape the Supreme Court and potentially re-offending abortion by overturning Roe v. Wade is front and center. Speakers used social justice language, declaring that the anti-abortion movement was one of love, “equality in utero” and “because life is for women” and that “real racists“As those of us who oppose violence and state-sanctioned coercion and believe that everyone can decide if, when and how to grow their family.

That’s the version of the demonstration they want you to see. What’s happening offstage is much more insidious, even if it’s predictable history.

During the demonstration, The video started going viral on Twitter shows white supremacists, including members of the Patriotic Front – a radical outfit believe that the white population under replacement and in need of an upgrade – walk in with other March for Life attendees; uniformed and masked “patriots” carried shields and waved banners that read “Strong families make strong nations.” In other video, attendees could thank members of the Patriotic Front for attending and “support the right to life,” telling them to be “safe out there” and accepting their flyers. The crowd was happy; like a woman told a photojournalist who explained that the Patriotic Front was a Christian fascist organization, “Well, as long as they’re pro-life.”

Of course, after the video is circulated, The National March for Life has released a statement refused to join the Patriotic Front, reiterating its stance on “equality in the womb”. That condemnation, however, did not change when members of the Patriotic Front attended March for Life. since 2017 and appeared in public at March event for Life’s Chicago this month.

And the Patriotic Front wasn’t the only white nationalist group in attendance; Groypers, a white nationalist group led by Nick Fuentes, who is is being investigated about the role he is believed to have played in the January 6 uprising, also attended, wearing crosses and the “America First” flag.

The Patriotic Front and other white nationalist groups did not bring down the March for Life party. They appeared because the message of March for Life was already resounding within them.

Let’s get it real: The Patriotic Front and other white nationalist groups didn’t crash the March for Life party. They appeared for March for Life’s the right message for them. And it was clear that a lot of March for Life attendees were at least open to hearing the ideas of these white nationalist groups. The intersection of white supremacists and anti-abortion ideology is not new – In fact, abortion restrictions are often bound increased anxiety among white nationalists. Extremists have also used birth control measures to reduce the political power of Blacks, communities of color, and white immigrants while attempting to increase white births.

States began promoting abortion restrictions and mandatory sterilization in the mid-19th century. Theory has many facets: White doctors want to force Black, Brown, Indigenous, and immigrant midwives out of pregnancy care to maintain dominance. And white politicians sought to contain the expansion of Black political power during the Reconstruction period because Blacks – and their children – were no longer financially profitable for their owners. white slaves. Many white political leaders at the time wanted to ensure that the white population grew at a rate outpacing the newly liberated black population while maintaining dominance over indigenous communities. locals and immigrants.

Much of the anti-abortion movement in Its current repetition has arisen as a response to Integrated schools authorized by the Supreme Court, banned Christian prayer in public schools and forced out of school in the 1960s and 1970s. Conservatives jumped on the 1973 Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion, knowing that it will make a strong rallying cry. And it was. Along the way, anti-abortion rights advocates are overjoyed to stand next to, and even the courts, unfriendly allies.

March for Life has provided a platform for notable white nationalists for many years, including 2003 and 2012 rally speaker (and now former) Representative Steve King, R-Iowa, who maintains an A+ rating from the Susan B. Anthony List and is considered a “Pied piper” of the movement, even if he openly meets Austria’s far-right white nationalists and question why the term “white supremacy” exists was annoying. Towards the end of his political career, King grew more and more estranged from the movement, not because of his white nationalist stance, but because he was pushing for radical anti-abortion legislation before national anti-abortion rights groups were ready.

Past (and this year) marches featured characters like The disgraced priest Frank Pavone and Abby Johnson, the participants of the uprising and speaker of the 2020 Republican National Convention, who declare it would be “smart” if the police racist her adopted black son – because black people commit crimes. At this year’s event, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., who set up a caucus to promote “”Anglo-Saxon political tradition, ”Thanks personally by Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life. The white supremacist dog’s whistle is coming from inside the house.

As two women who’ve had abortions, we’ve always known the anti-abortion movement’s threats are real, and many even ignore the evidence. And we watched as they misused Martin Luther King Jr. quotes in meme to promote themselves as saviors for Black babies online while socializing with white nationalists offline. You can’t preach “love both” while burning down the clinics and yelling at vulnerable pregnant women.

Of course, the birth control movement has complicated history with eugenics. Some of its leaders have also sought stay in power through birth control – as critical race theory teaches us, systemic racism affects us all. The abortion and reproductive justice liberation movements must continue to grow and learn from the mistakes of the past.

By contrast, white nationalists are using abortion as a gateway recruiting tool for mainstream Christians who may be willing to sidestep the racist agenda. of the right to unite against abortion. But the truth is: Ignore racism To be racial segregation. And that makes March for Life statements condemning racism and condemning the Patriotic Front as hollow as chocolate Easter bunnies. Groups like the Patriotic Front make no secret of their goals or what they are willing to do to achieve them. Anti-abortion rights groups are trying to do it both ways – but they’re not fooling anyone. The Patriotic Front’s anti-abortion campaign at March for Life sends a clear message

Jake Nichol

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