“The party is about to die”: GOP representatives toppled Democrats

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With Brandon taking the presidency and… haters like Schumer and Pelosi running the Democratic-controlled legislature, are the Democrats doing a good job of mobilizing public support and show how great it is?

Not necessarily. In fact, it performed so poorly that even the Democrats predicted a big midterm loss and were so desperate that they rallied to Biden, a rotting eggplant with two brain cells left. , to save them from the “big losses. ”

From soaring inflation to high gas prices, disasters in Afghanistan to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, mass migration across the border to crime waves in the US, Democrats have proven to be a disaster. on almost every issue they’ve touched, with things getting far, far worse under Democratic rule.

In particular, the massive increase in gas prices and the left’s decision to buy oil from Iran and Venezuela instead of allowing Americans to produce oil have angered many Americans, who would rather see Texans pump crude. and crude oil miners earn more luck than seeing. US dollars flow to hostile regimes like Iran and Venezuela, which would stand in the end if it weren’t for Democratic Party support or funding.

So, Representative Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN), appeared on Fox Business Network “Mornings with Maria” to tell host Maria Bartiromo that what Democrats are pushing represents the state of they are like a “dead party”. In his words:

Essentially, ideologically, [the radical Democrats] is wrong. They don’t understand. Democrats have been running about this. They believe in that inherently, but they were inherently wrong.

Their whole leftist scenario where they’re dealing with supply and demand, they don’t understand it. They do not respect free market capitalism. They don’t want American businessmen to do well. They want great government to do well, and they’re basically stuck with an ideology that doesn’t work in the 21st century.

It’s ancient, it’s wrong, and it’s old, it doesn’t fit, and they’re afraid to tear it down because their group has moved too far to the left – we see it again and again. We saw it this week on the floor of the House, where progressives rebelled against Pelosi and the White House. They didn’t know what to do. They just stop for hours at a time.

“So they have to renovate. The Democratic Party had to reform. I don’t think they can. I think they’re a dying party. Republicans had ideas to move this great country forward. ”

He has a point; Nothing the Democratic Party is pushing is new, or even particularly exciting. The climate change frenzy rooted in the hippie era, the pointless CRT that is a cross between the Civil Rights Era and Marxism, and the newer gendered content, but utterly disgusting to the average American often.

So, as a result, the Democratic Party is dying, its unpopular policies have scared or resented many average Americans, and as a result it seems many Democrats are dying. duty.

Let’s hope Representative Fleischmann is right.

https://smartzune.com/dying-party-gop-rep-wrecks-democrats/ “The party is about to die”: GOP representatives toppled Democrats

Jake Nichol

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