The Nuzlocke Challenge is the best way to make Pokemon more strategic

Pokémon has long established itself as a family-friendly franchise. With its adorable creatures and stable formula of turn-based combat, the games have long been accessible to a wide range of ages and skill levels. The RPG franchise has since remained largely true to its original premise of catching and fighting Pokémon Pokemon Red and Green was released in Japan in 1996.

While the franchise’s friendliness and general accessibility probably contributed to its wide appeal, it can also leave a lot to be desired for longtime gamers. Fans who have played Pokémon since childhood may not find the challenge in more mature modern RPGs. Pokémon games don’t have built-in hard modes, so players invented their own ways to increase the difficulty; This is where the Nuzlocke challenge comes in. It’s a popular playstyle that allows players to impose rules on themselves to create a more difficult experience when playing Pokémon.

What is a Nuzlocke Challenge?

A Nuzlocke Challenge is a way to play Pokémon under rules that are enforced by the players themselves. There are only two main rules for a Nuzlocke challenge.

  1. Each time you enter a new route or area with Pokémon, you must catch the very first Pokémon you encounter. If you don’t catch the first Pokemon you encounter because it wins the battle or runs away, you won’t get a new Pokemon down that route.
  2. Once your Pokémon faints, it’s treated as permanent death. You can no longer use this Pokémon if you faint it even once in a battle.

There are many variations of the Nuzlocke. Some players also give their Pokémon nicknames to make them feel more connected. Others play modded Pokemon games that alter Pokemon spawns so that a greater variety of Pokemon appear in the grass – so if grass on a route normally has Zigzachs, it will be changed to give you a chance to find a stronger Pokemon like Kyogre to see. There are endless ways to personalize a Nuzlocke run, although the challenge is primarily defined by its two main rules.

How do I start a Nuzlocke Challenge?

All you need to complete a Nuzlocke challenge is a new Pokémon game save file and start playing while following a specific set of rules. However, getting started is the easy part. Completing the challenge becomes more difficult. Here are some general tips to get you started:

  • Choose a game you are familiar with. You should know as much as possible about the game so that you can adequately prepare for potentially dangerous events, such as a rival battle or a particularly challenging trainer. This also lets you know which Pokémon are available on which routes, allowing you to anticipate which Pokémon you might catch – and you can make sure you have the right Pokémon at the front of your party to optimize elemental pairings.
  • Make sure you level up your Pokemon as much as possible; This way you will have a higher probability of success in battles.
  • carry antidote. You don’t want a Pokemon fainting from poison damage (especially if it’s a permadeath!) while it’s running around, which can happen in Genes 1 through 3.
  • Take your Pokemon out of battle if you’re even the least bit concerned. If you have a Pokemon that is low on health, swap it out. Don’t risk it; Always switch sooner than you think you have to.

These are some very simple tips; However, a great resource is Nuzlocke University, which has more detailed tips and guides on Nuzlocking-specific Pokémon games. These guides will help you choose a starter Pokemon, which is a particularly important decision in Nuzlocke, and walk you through each stage of the game, labeling specific trainers or Pokemon to watch out for. Another great idea is to watch successful Nuzlocke streams of the game you chose so you can see how other people completed each stage.

What is the origin of the Nuzlocke Challenge?

The idea came from a webcomic artist named Nick Franco, who goes by the nickname Nuzlocke. Franco created a series called Pokemon: Hard Mode and drew a comic illustrating the concept in 2010, using 2002 Pokemon Ruby and sapphire as a foundation.

The challenge goes against the series’ slogan “Catch ’em all”. Nonetheless, the challenge has since become a popular way of playing for fans. Although popular with Pokemon Ruby and sapphireFans continue to challenge themselves with more modern generations of Pokémon, and have even carried the idea over to other video game franchises.

Why is it popular?

Not only is it harder, it makes Pokemon more strategic. You need to focus on each Pokemon’s strongest traits, rather than just catching a bunch of baddies who can wipe the floor with any Gym Leader. You need to know certain details, e.g. For example, whether your opponent’s Pokemon has a better Physical Attack or Special Attack, so you can use a Pokemon with a high Physical or Special Defense stat to keep up with them – because even a simple trainer battle can cause you to lose your life fight depending on the scenario. It’s less mindless grinding and more a game of chess where you calculate the moves of AI-controlled opponents and shuffle your Pokemon accordingly.

In an interview with Know Your Meme, Franco described what he saw as the core appeal of the challenge. He said that the core Pokémon game itself isn’t that interesting, but that people have stories to tell after each challenge. “You never know what’s going to happen with a Nuzlocke challenge,” he said. “People want the world to know about their fallen brethren and victorious comrades and how exactly they overcame all odds or failed in the attempt.” The Nuzlocke Challenge is the best way to make Pokemon more strategic

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