The new Saints Row is good, even if it’s not very original

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I played the latest one before Saints Row Game, confusingly titled only Saints RowI was expecting a shit show. I’ve seen countless popular channels on YouTube calling it soulless, dead, and the worst game of 2022. Reviews from various outlets weren’t much better. However, after putting about 14 hours into the game on Xbox Series X, I’m having a blast even though I feel like I’ve played this game before.

Saints Row, not to be confused with the original game, is basically a reboot of the popular open-world crime ’em up franchise. Released last week, it stars a new crew of characters, a new leader of the Saints, and is set in a new town in the southwest. But while it may share its name with the more grounded original game, this new reboot has more in common with it Saints Row The Third, featuring a wacky world filled with offbeat missions and a crew of likable misfits who are both ruthless killers and good friends. And this time you can actually see the origins of this new version of the Saints and help build the most famous gang in the world.

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Let’s get that out of the way right now: people don’t lie about the pesky bugs and issues in this new one Saints Row. Especially on the PC Players even have trouble launching the game, and as soon as it finally starts, they report softlocks and other problems. Fortunately, in my time playing the game on Xbox Series X, I only encountered a handful of minor bugs, such as: With few technical issues to distract me, I’ve been able to focus more on the game itself, and I dig it.

My favorite thing about this new one Saints Row is without a doubt the fresh new setting of Santo Ileso, the fictional southwest town where the game is set. Open world games need interesting, cool worlds to explore or the “open” part of the experience – the ability to go anywhere – feels like a waste of time. and Santo Ileso is an awesome and beautiful playground with big canyons, valleys, deserts and a mix of small town and big city atmosphere. Dust storms occasionally arrive, obliterating your vision and darkening the world in brown dust. Another time, launch a dirt bike over a hill and catch a glimpse of a beautiful desert sunset, leaving a streak of red warm sunlight on some rocky bluffs nearby.

Compared to so many other open world games that seem obsessed with recreating the same four cities or jungles, Saints RowThe charm of the southwestern desert really works in its favor and helps keep it feeling fresh, even if the rest of the game isn’t nearly as unique.

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Do you want to Saints Row The Third or Saints Row 4 or Gat from Hell? I hope the answer to that question was kind of yes because this is new Saints Row shares a lot of gameplay DNA with those earlier titles. It involves more than just driving and shooting. All of the menus, map progression, character customization, side missions, and activities feel ripped from those past games.

At one point my fiancé watched me play. She’s a huge fan of the past games, and after watching me complete missions and side activities and improve my character’s stats and perks for about 30 minutes, she remarked, “Oh, it’s just more Saints Row, hmm?” And the answer to that question is yes.

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Well, as someone who really liked the past games (and needed a break too). Grand Theft Auto Online) that is new Saints Row was a great time. But if past games are stale for you and you don’t care for the new characters – which I like, but I can understand that people might annoy them – feel free to skip this one.

However, if you want to play an open-world crime game as a Brit who can dress up as a werewolf and take out rival food trucks using RPGs and fire blasts to build a culinary empire, you might want to check this out. Sure, the new Saints Row is not a 10-out-of-10 generation-defining game that deserves endless praise from critics. But a bit of goofy, jerky open-world action can be enjoyed every now and then, especially when it’s set against such a good-looking backdrop. The new Saints Row is good, even if it’s not very original

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